Traffic management app of Thiruvananthapuram City Police bags award

Onkar Sharma
New Update

policeUST Global announced that it has won the Social Media for Empowerment Award 2014, in the category of ‘Social Apps,’ for its mobile app for Thiruvananthapuram City Police. Instituted by the Digital Empowerment Foundation, the awards recognize and honor best social media initiatives for empowerment in the South Asian region.


The app, aimed at enhancing traffic management and commuter safety, was developed by UST Global’s team of innovation enthusiasts. Currently available on the Android platform, the app has more than 1500 downloads. This app can be downloaded for free and can connect emergency services like control room and gives direction to the nearest police station. It gives details of speed limits, fines for violations and also helps in reporting an offence.

Saurabh Suri, Vice President – Emerging Solutions & Innovation, UST Global said, “The app for Thiruvananthapuram City Police is a testimony of how we leverage our expertise in emerging technologies along with our vast innovation ecosystem to enable better governance for the populace and by the populace. We are proud and humbled to receive this recognition; which encourages us to continue our focus on further enhancing our innovation ecosystem in-line with our goal of transforming lives of our clients, our employees and our communities"

Murali Gopalan, Chief Commercial Officer, UST Global said “UST Global is transforming lives across the world through technology, training, jobs and peace. We are proud that one of our contributions to the society in India, the Trivandrum City Police app, has won the social media for empowerment award recently. The usability and popularity of the app is demonstrated by the fact that hundreds downloaded this app within a few days of its announcement by the police. This powerful product came from UST Global’s innovation gym called The Apple Tree. We are determined to bring more such innovations to the world to help it become a better place.”

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