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Heart Health

A recent study revealed there is a rise in the number of Indians suffering from heart disease or cardiovascular disease below the age of 45.


The disease is also a killer in the United States. According to the American Heart Association, it kills one American adult every 40 seconds. Heart disease is also the leading cause of death worldwide.

According to the report, obesity, high cholesterol and high blood pressure are some of the contributing factors that increase the risk of heart disease.

While you can prevent heart diseases with a healthy diet and regular exercise, ISVs have released mobile apps that not only keep track of your heart health, but also send out SMS alerts to doctors and relatives during an emergency.


Listed below are 10 such applications.

ASCVD Risk Estimator: is the result of collaboration between the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology to help you identify risk factors for atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD).

First, you’re asked basic questions related to age and gender, as well as smoking habits. You’ll then provide the app with other details, such as your history of hypertension and diabetes. The data is processed and you are given a 10-year risk assessment, as well as an overall lifetime risk estimate.


If you have risk factors, check out the app’s extra resources for healthy lifestyle tips to reduce the risk of ASCVD.

Digifit iCardio: maps your jogging route and tracks your progress with Cardio’s charting program. It maps your jogging route, time yourself, and track your progress with iCardio’s real-time charting program. You can also purchase an optional heart rate monitor for extra precision around your cardiovascular health.

The app integrates with a number of social media and music sites for instant connectivity. It also stores your weight, blood pressure, and sleep information to give you a fuller picture of your overall health. Connect with your Fitbit for more accuracy.


Cardiio: catches cardiovascular abnormalities. You can figure out your target heart rate for periods of rest and exercise.

The app also features a heart-healthy 7-minute workout. At the end of the workout, you’ll see your heart rate and the calories burnt.

Cardiograph: is a heart-healthy tool for the entire family. Its multiple profile capabilities can store each person’s heart rate and track it over time.


Take a picture of your fingertip and your heart rate is computed instantly. It can be used to help monitor heart-related conditions or check heart rate.

Instant Heart Rate: The app helps you determine your target heart rate so that you can work out without putting too much stress on your heart.

Place you finger on phone’s camera and in a few seconds your heart rate will be shown. You can also find out your overall heart health and stress levels.


iBP Blood Pressure: is a blood pressure tracking and analysis app. Use a blood pressure device and record the readings in the app. Over time, the app charts your results as you measure your blood pressure.

Blood Pressure Companion: not only lets you measure your blood pressure and heart rate, but it will also send you a test reminder. Over time, collected data will help you look for patterns in your readings. If you add your weight in the app, you may even see your blood pressure drop as you lose pounds.

Blood Pressure Monitor: allows you enter information about your food habits and medications. It then uses these factors to track your weight, blood sugar levels and blood pressure. Graphs and statistical reports give you a clear picture of your vital functions and you can even forward the data to your doctor.


Smart Blood Pressure (SmartBP) BP Tracker: can help you track and record both systolic and diastolic data, as well as your pulse. If you’re trying to lose weight, a bonus body mass index (BMI) tracker can help you determine your ideal weight and track your progress as you shed pounds.

PulsePoint: Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) can be a life-saving tool if someone nearby goes into cardiac arrest.

PulsePoint allows location-based services allow users who are trained in CPR to provide assistance to someone experiencing a cardiac event. If you’re signed up as a provider, you’ll get an alert when someone in your area needs emergency CPR.


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