TouchSmart is all about reinventing the PC

Tell us about the new HP TouchSmart launched recently in India?
HP TouchSmart IQ500 series PC is a new generation, all-in-one computer,
which is a users delight as it makes digital entertainment a truly compelling
and lively experience. It is enriched with HP software designed specifically for
touch. It can be used with just a finger touch and needs no keyboard or mouse.
By just tapping his finger the user can get quick access to any information or
entertainment, play music, create playlists, watch TV, and zoom in or out of
photos. The TouchSmart technology is all about reinventing the personal computer

How matured is the Indian market for this kind of a product?
India as a market has huge potential for a company like HP, which has such a
wide array of products catering to all industry types and verticals. India as a
market is emerging very fast. People here are very intelligent and tech savvy.
And with the changing socio-economic scenario, Indians are keen to adopt a
digital lifestyle. Therefore, a product like HP TouchSmart PC has a good
potential. Given the rich features of the device, the pricing has been done in
accordance. And the combination is bound to attract Indian users who are on a
look out for devices with advanced technology and ease of use.

Who are the target audience for this product line?
According to IDC, HP has around 12% market share in the consumer PC segment
in India, as of the first quarter of this fiscal. This once again ensures the
preference of the brand with Indian users. We are excited about the fact that
out of the huge population that India has, 55% comprises the younger generation,
aged between 15-30 years.

We have designed this product keeping the next-gen concept in mind. Although
they have less spending power, they have huge influence toward allotting family
budgets for purchasing electronics devices like TV, PC or audio systems. The
modern Indian youth has a definite bend toward innovative products and can
successfully convince parents to buy any product that has value for money.
Moreover, the TouchSmart technology is so unique and interesting that we are
very hopeful it will even appeal to older people.

Piyali Guha

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