Toppr Extends Its Latest Services To iPhone And iPad users

New Update

Students can now access the most recent version of Toppr on their iPhones and iPads as well. After being hugely successful on Web and Android, the notable learning platform has extended its services to iOS users.


This move is parallel to the redesigning of its website. Over the past two years, Toppr evolved to include a plethora of new features that support students in their quest to excel in their studies.

Toppr is the only platform that allows students to seamlessly switch between its website, android or iOS app. It consistently uses a data-driven approach to improve its core features through advanced algorithms. These include video lectures, adaptive practice tests, and Doubts on Chat. The larger objective, however, has been to make the platform more student-friendly, following an intuitive approach to personalized learning.

“While iOS users can now use the platform anytime, anywhere, and on any device – the revamped website will further eliminate the gaps of classroom learning”, says Zishaan Hayath, CEO and Co-founder of Toppr. “In our ultimate pursuit of perfection, we will continue to holistically make such strides.”

All lectures on Toppr are delivered by subject matter experts who breakdown the most complex concepts in a simple and efficient manner. Moreover, by gamifying the experience, students remain highly engaged as they learn. All the practice modules and tests are followed by detailed and accurate feedback that highlights their areas of improvement. And this, in turn, stresses on their need to work on them.

In the coming years, Toppr aims to amplify its user-base and emerge as an undisputed forerunner in the EdTech space.

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