Top and Trendy IT Apps for Professionals


pushbulletPushBullet is a bridge between a smartphone and a tablet or computer that allows you to pass data back and forth. This app can send messages from your tablet or computer. It also lets you pass your phone messages to your computer. With this app, one can easily share links and files between devices.

The app lets you see all your mobile notification on computer including calls and one can easily deal with notifications on computer than on mobile. The core functionality of this app is free but if you share heavy messages then it is good to subscribe for the paid version of this app.


fingIt is one of the best network scanners used by millions of professionals. One can easily view every device connected to one’s network with IP and MAC addresses displayed along with device name. The app provides the user to customize device name with a tap and add notes. One can also detect intruders, assess network security risks, and achieve best network performance with the
help of this application.

It also offers port scanner, Wi-Fi scanner, DNS lookup and reverse DNS lookup, network intruder detection, ping, advanced analysis of NetBiOS, UPNP and Bonjour name, service monitoring, network quality measurement, etc. Fing app is a must-have application in your smartphone
or a tablet.

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