Top and Trendy IT Apps for Professionals

With changing trends, the innovative android apps are positioning as a beneficial asset for IT professionals’ skilling and experience. There are some preferred mobile applications expected to leave a mark in the upcoming year.

In the age of smartphones and digitization, users and professionals are always in search of useful applications which add to their learning and experiences on-the-go. Anyone who has a smartphone or any other gadget is always looking for a beneficial app to improve professional skills in order to do things effectively and efficiently. Mobile apps indeed offer updated information and trends to follow for the users. There are many apps which are useful for IT professionals on the job. Everyone knows that now our smartphones or tablets can stand in for our laptops in a wide range. We have listed top 5 apps for Android users which IT professionals can install for enhanced experienced and up-to-date knowledge to polish their skills.

Microsoft Remote Desktop
microsoft-appMicrosoft Remote Desktop app allows you to connect to any remote PC and lets you access all of its files, network resources and apps including the access to published Windows apps on Microsoft Azure. This app lets you work from anywhere, anytime in the world.

It offers features like access to remote resources through one’s Remote Desktop Gateway, securing connections to one’s data and applications through Network Level Authentication (NLA) technology, high quality video and sound steaming, etc. The app also has multi-touch experience with RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) and RemoteFX supporting window gestures. One can easily manage all remote connections from connection center.


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