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Top 8 Tech Predictions for 2017

We have witnessed a significant tech  disruption in 2016, be it IoT, Artificial Intelligence (AI), wearable technology, self-driven cars, or data driven analytics. 2017 promises much more. It has just arrived and we would like to walk you through some of the key tech predictions for the year ahead by TO THE NEW, a digital tech company.

1. No Hardware Enterprises
– Software only thinking
– Cloud enablement
– No hardware inventories
– More SaaS products

2. Digital Acceleration
– Digital products/services (e.g. driver-less taxi services, concept of digital twins)
– Digitization of business model and operations
– Mesh App and Service Architecture
– Shift from CX (customer experience) to DX (digital customer experience)
– Strong governance of digital initiatives
– SMAC will get extended with new digital technologies
– Two speed IT and DevOps

3. IoT will be more than just sensors, it will include robotics, automation and much more
– Passive reporting and sensor based control – 2016
– 2017 – machine learning and robotics will combine with IoT
– Growth in industrial IoT and omni-channel IoT solutions
– Growth in IoT startups

4. Increase in AR and VR
– Gamification
– Interactive customer experience through senses, touch, feel and so on
– Movies – Transition from traditional to high budget AR/VR films
– Improved healthcare consultation and services

5. Security breakthroughs
– Security for advance tech to strengthen
– Products that decrease vulnerabilities
– Adaptive security architecture
– Custom security products for customers and enterprises

6. Voice interfaces
– Web, Mobile, Smart TV and Voice based product development
– On demand and on command services through developments such as Alexa, Siri, Cortana

7. Intelligent apps

Intelligent apps, which include technologies like virtual personal assistants (VPAs), have the potential to transform the workplace by making everyday tasks easier

8. Blockchain development

Blockchain and distributed-ledger concepts are gaining traction because they hold the promise of transforming industry operating models in industries such as music distribution, identify verification and title registry.


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