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Top 5 tech trends that will rule in 2021

The year 2020 has been a period of hectic digital transformation. As the topline came under pressure, all organizations – big or small – started or in some cases sped up their digital transformation journey. While, with the ongoing vaccination trials and rollouts, we now see light at the end of the tunnel, the technology shift will continue to gather pace and some new tech trends will start to emerge. Here are the top 5 tech trends, in no specific order, those that will gain strong momentum in 2021.

Security: The onset of the pandemic also saw a sudden increase in cyber attacks. Organisations, irrespective of size, geography and domain were targeted. This led most companies to start taking security seriously. However, attacks will continue to get more sophisticated and high volume. This will require greater countermeasure with both predictive and reactive capabilities. Wide area file services (WAFS) will get more sophisticated as they often bear the brunt of most attacks. Al-based security tools for predicting attacks and automatically countering them will see greater adoption.

Physual workspace: The year 2021 will see workforces partially returning to offices. Most offices will realise 100% remote working is not sustainable. This will lead to hybrid models, physical + virtual or physual workspaces. Following tech trends will accelerate as a result.

  • Internet of Behaviour (IoB) will become increasingly more relevant. Computer vision combined with various other devices will be used to monitor and learn – for e.g. whether social distancing is maintained, masks are being used, etc. In factories, such tech can be used to check if protective gear is being used or not and warn accordingly.
  • Conferencing tools will continue to evolve to mimic physical setups as much as possible. Specific modules for sales, education, video tours, office meetings, etc. will surface.
  • Hyper automation: Although this probably deserves to stand out as a separate But in the context of physual workspaces, any workload that can be automated and help avoid engaging in a physical environment, will be automated.

Data lake house paradigm: The past decade made data lakes very popular as they helped in creating central and single sources of truth. However, the emerging Lake house paradigm will be adopted rapidly as it has many advantages such as reduced data redundancy, decoupling of storage and compute, ease of data governance, transaction support on top of object storage, etc.

The 5G technology: 5G will just begin to emerge, so arguably it may not be a trend. But a list of technologies for 2021 would be incomplete without mentioning 5G. The developed countries may start the mass rollout of 5G as well leading to a dramatic change in the way internet is experienced. Multiple gigabytes would be downloaded in under a minute allowing deeper and more immersive experience on apps and websites.

AR/VR: Augmented, virtual, and extended reality-based experiences will gain significant momentum to simulate real life experience remotely. Sports entertainment and OTT will also start innovating and investing in this.

This list is definitely not the end all and be all of the possible tech trends in 2021. I believe quantum computing and nanotechnology will have major breakthroughs and will come ever so close to being available for the masses. 2021 is indeed poised to be an exciting year for technology.

By Anand Thakur, Group CTO,,,

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