Top 5 Tech Gadgets so far at CES 2017

The annual tech expo, Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has been initiated, showcasing some of the most striking products for this year. As expected, all the big shot companies as well as start-ups from around the world have gathered to reveal gadgets and technologies at one of the biggest tech events. Things are getting interesting as companies are launching various products which are genuinely simplifying lives with requiring little effort. Let’s take a look at some:

• Smart cane- A smart cane designed by Dring, a French company, pre-records user habits for any sudden uncommon activity which might cause falling of the user due to imbalance. The cane automatically shares the location of the user with his/her family over a text or e-mail.

• Samsung OLED TV – LG has a new competition for OLED TVs at CES. Sony revealed its first OLED TV, the Bravia A1E series at CES 2017. Sony’s Bravia A1E sports a 4K HDR panel which supports Dolby Vision content on an almost edge-to-edge display. Price details of the extremely thin series are yet to be announced but it will be available out in the market this year only.

• Microsoft connected car- Microsoft has launched a car linked with its Azure based cloud services. This launch is helping build autonomous driving capabilities prioritizing automotive companies.

• Smart fridge camera – UK start-up Smarter Applications showcased a small sized remote camera, named The Smarter Fridge Cam at CES which can be placed anywhere in the fridge to monitor the food content stocked inside. The camera which can be synched with a smartphone, notifies users by taking a picture each time the fridge is closed to help scan barcodes and track expiry dates.

• Smart scarf- Wair, a French startup has unveiled a health tech- an Anti-Pollution Scarf, which is a smart wearable. Wair promises cleaner air with the help of its Smart Scarf, added the fortunate fashionable appearance. The scarf can be paired with an app named Supairman which sends an alert notification when the air quality around the user weakens.

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