Top 5 Rewarding Career Roles for New Graduates

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, there has been a significant surge in demand for new graduates with machine learning

Preeti Anand
New Update

There are still some glimmerings of joy and hope for new hires amid the cutbacks taking place in the workforce. The most popular and in-demand employment roles for recent graduates are highlighted in Teamlease Edtech's recently released Career Outlook Report.


The top positions for new graduates in India are shown in this list, along with their salaries:

Wellness Specialist 

A Wellness Specialist teaches and leads educational sessions to advance secure and wholesome lifestyles. Evaluates client health and informs on routines and activities that support healthy living.

  • The average gross pay for a wellness coordinator in India is Rs. 6,60,795 or about Rs.318 per hour.
  • They also receive an average bonus of Rs. 12,621. Wage projections are based on data from wage surveys conducted in India with anonymous employees and employers.

An entry-level wellness coordinator makes an average income of Rs 4,87,384 (with 1-3 years of experience). The average pay for a senior-level wellness coordinator (8+ years of experience) is Rs 8,23,912, on the other hand.

Business Development Representative


Managers of business growth are among the most crucial employees in a company. They oversee teams, engage with customers, and prioritise boosting sales for the business. The main factor behind their constant demand is this.

  • In India, the average annual remuneration for a business development manager is Rs 5.97 lakh, including commission, bonuses, and shared profits. The salary for this position ranges from Rs 2.64 lakh to Rs 20 lakh annually.

E-Business Associate


A member of the e-commerce team uses good customer experiences to expand the e-commerce business. They keep up with the systems and technology needed to enable e-commerce operations. They gather data to make critical discoveries and advance the company.

  • The represented employee earns Rs 18 lakhs according to data on e-commerce associate salaries in India as of 8 March 2023; specifically, their pay rate is Rs 1.5 lakh per month, Rs 34,615.39 per week, or Rs 836.82 per hour.



Scientists that concentrate on researching living things are called biologists. Some biologists pursue careers as marine, microbiologists, or wildlife biologists. Each industry has a biologist who focuses on species' existence, how they work within ecosystems, and how they evolved.

  • The average annual pay for a biologist is Rs 3,60,383, though it might vary depending on the candidate's education, employment history, skill set, and even geographic area. Salary ranges in different cities may differ. The longer you work in the field, the more likely you will receive promotions and raises.

Machine Learning Engineer


Machine learning can change your life if you're interested in algorithms, data science, automation, etc. Surprisingly, countries like the USA still need more ML engineers despite hundreds of thousands of openings for entry-level roles. This gives you an idea of the current need for machine learning; a field's potential is significantly increased in times of high demand. Since the Covid-19 outbreak, there has been a significant surge in demand for ML, and businesses of all sizes are embracing this technology with open arms. The race to keep up with the market is now quite fashionable.

Companies are now introducing new strategies and tactics to win over customers with cutting-edge technology. As a result, the number of ML Engineer jobs increased quickly, from 23% to 31% (between 2012 and 2022), and the number of jobs requiring ML-specific learning skills is expected to increase by 75% over the following five years.

  • In India, the average yearly compensation for a machine learning engineer is Rs. 6.5 lakhs. From Rs 3 lakh to Rs 21 lakh is the wage range per year.


We have examined the job market for this industry and arrived at the average statistics. Depending on where you work, salaries can change. The lowest yearly pay used to calculate the average wage is Rs 17 lakhs, while the maximum rate is Rs 18 lakhs.