Top 5 fastest growing IT companies in India

With strong fundamentals, streamlined operations and some right strategic moves these IT companies managed to march ahead of their competitors in FY15

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fastest growing IT companies in India

Based on the revenue growth estimates for FY15, here is the list of top 5 fastest growing Indian IT companies;


With strong fundamentals, streamlined operations and some right strategic moves these IT companies managed to march ahead of their competitors amid a tough market scenario, and with well-laid out plan in place they also look poised for an impressive growth run in the year ahead.

(Note: Includes  companies over 10,000 cr revenues, as per estimates from DQ Top20 Survey)

Dell India


The transformational journey continues for Dell, post the privatization move it took almost two years back. The move seems to have turned out to be fruitful as the PC major put up an impressive show across all business segments, clocking a massive 30% growth in FY15 over the previous fiscal year.

The performance in the last one year throws enough evidence that the decisions are paying off well.

In FY15, the company has stayed focused on acquiring new capabilities, reorganizing back end operations, and optimizing its supply chain. Privatization has brought in the much needed flexibility that is crucial in doing so.


At the heart of the company’s ongoing transformation lies its new go-to-market strategy which was initiated in early 2014.

Dell  is focused on solidifying its position as an end-to-end player in the changing IT market. FY16 is likely to be an interesting year for the traditional hardware player as it will throw more light into the company’s future strategy and the different choices it will make to ensure success of its end-to-end game plan

Tech Mahindra


Tech Mahindra ended the year with a solid 20% growth in revenues, far ahead of most of its competitors. The company, over the last couple of years, has been able to seamlessly synergize its competencies out of Mahindra Satyam, and in the bargain has come up as  an end-to-end player with footprints across IT, BPO, and telecom.

Clearly, the slowdown in the macro-economic conditions has had an impact not only on Tech Mahindra but across the industry. Despite the headwinds in the later part of the fiscal what has helped Tech Mahindra was its strategic inorganic investments that’s helping it face the adverse economic conditions and delayed decision making cycles and slower IT spend.

The company is expected to go ahead with its multipronged strategy aimed at improving the overall utilization rates and further synergize its inorganic assets and ramp up its competencies.



Despite the fact that revenue growth slipped from a huge 34% to 18% in FY15, Cognizant’s performance stood out when compared to most of its competitors. The slowing down of the growth is the reflection of the wider trends and the overall sluggish demand scenario. The company managed to impressively synergize its competencies and delivery capabilities with strategic inorganic moves.  In addition, Cognizant saw an increased focus on newer technologies in digital and automation, particularly in areas to improve customer experience and drive digital customer self-service.

It was able to balance out its traditional service offerings more broadly and at the same time driving demand for integrated, multi-service deals. This trend is creating significant opportunities for services firms such as Cognizant that have the right portfolio in place.



Cross currency fluctuations did upset the momentum, yet IT services major, TCS, managed to pull of an impressive 16% growth in FY15. There were many positives in TCS’ performance over FY15. First of all, it was able to add $2 bn in incremental revenues in FY15 and this when stacked up with rivals was far ahead.

FY15 marks the 10th year since its IPO and during this time it saw its market cap growing up by 10 times— from $8.8 bn to $80 bn.


TCS believes that in FY16, BFSI along with manufacturing, hi-tech, life sciences, healthcare, travel, hospitality, and media and entertainment will do well and telecom and energy verticals will have a subdued play.

HCL Technologies

HCL registered 14% growth in revenues in FY15, backed by transformational deals worth $1 bn. The company gained these deals from industries such as consumer services, manufacturing, and public services in the European region.

The IT services major is going through growth challenges in its traditional markets, yet continues to be strong in the infrastructure management services space which constitute a major portion of its revenues.

HCL is eyeing big opportunities in areas such as Internet of Things (IoT)/ Machine-to-Machine (M2M), which has begun to create buzz in all the markets globally.

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