Top 5 Collaboration trends for 2016

People-centred collaboration tools, user-driven innovation, and deeper use of analytics

By: Geoff Thomas, President, Polycom Asia Pacific

In recent times, we’ve seen some incredible collaboration innovations come to life and the nature of work rapidly change. What has been very clear is that significant advancements in ‘anywhere, anytime’ collaboration, and the evolution of workplaces and workspaces are being seen globally.

Today’s customers not only have greater freedom and flexibility of choice for their collaboration needs, but open environments have replaced traditional meeting rooms with hot desks and shared spaces. With that, traditional room-based conferencing technology is progressing to service these spaces whether they are controlled, personal, or open environments. Similarly, the very nature of work teams has also changed; projects tend to scale down the number of people involved and this dynamic is driving personal, small group interactions – very often across different locations.

Organisations today have moved away from questioning the need and use for collaboration technology. Instead, it’s proliferation that is high on the list of concerns – how to equip and deploy in every space, how to scale up or down as necessary, how to account for the different modalities required, and so on. The key for vendors here is to bring all the pieces of the puzzle together and provide a customer experience that is consistent, uninterrupted, and as painless as possible.

Some requirements for effective and productive collaboration remain the same: connectivity, rich media, and access to content are a given. As we approach 2016, here are my thoughts on what lies next for collaboration in APAC:

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