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Top 3 HR Trends for 2019: Fujitsu

Here are the top three HR predictions for 2019 to make the employees life in any organization – friendly, smooth and efficient

Hiring is the most crucial factor for an organization. Therefore, it is the aim of a CHRO to find the right employee, who isn’t only well-qualified but also brings to the table all the desirable skillsets and mindset to succeed. Apart from that, retaining workers is another pivotal aspect for a CHRO. With all these tasks, predicting HR trends for 2019 is like guessing the outcome of a chemical reaction, isn’t it? That being said, most of the CHRO’s possess all the right elements to pick out the right candidate with their skills of being creative, innovative and tech-savvy.

Moreover, their skilled nature to watch the industry and their organization closely, makes them the perfect leaders to predict the HR trends for every year. Therefore, without any further delay, here are the top three HR predictions for 2019 to make the employees life in any organization – friendly, smooth and efficient.

Treating Employees as Customers:

HR systems that are designed in a company are predominantly focusing on making the processes employee centric. While designing the tools, it should be kept in mind that employees are equivalent to customers as they are the end users of the solution. We need to think about workers as an individual in the organization whose repetitive work load needs to be decreased.

For an instance, if an employee in an organisation takes a cab service and then submits the bill at the end of every ride to the finance department, this becomes a monotonous repetitive task, which is unnecessary. Instead, employees can be given a business account from where the transaction happens automatically, and the finance department can track it through the HR solution developed. When it comes to a customer, the solutions should be customized, transparent and hassle-free. Similarly, it should be incorporated for employees while developing HR solutions.

Employee Resource Groups:

In the past year, we have witnessed a new found focus on inclusivity and diversity and this will continue to be so throughout 2019 through Employee Resource Groups. ERG’s are a group of alike individuals like the LGBTQ ERG. The members of these ERG’s can help each other gain a voice and representation in an organisation. They can make sure that there is diversity in an organisation and the members of these groups can uplift and encourage each other to take up new challenges.

Enhancing Linguistic Skills along with Technical knowledge:

A lot of time-management and funds from an organisation has been invested, which is spent to bridge the gap in the technical skills, but HR’s will now also focus on enhancing soft skills of their employees like language. Knowing a new language can be the next big thing especially in the IT sector wherein most companies are going global with their services. Employees who possess certain linguistic skills will get the exposure of working with other countries across the globe, thereby giving them a unique experience.

By Sumit Sabharwal, Head of HR, Fujitsu Consulting India

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