Top 3 Best Government Mobile Apps in India

At the Digital India Awards 2016, the government awarded several e-governance initiatives undertaken in different states. Out of these, Dataquest sojourned on the top government apps category as these apps helped in enabling three areas.

2. Mid Day Meal Mobile App: The Mid-Day Meal mobile app got the second top honor at the Digital India Awards 2016. The app is supposed to enable effective monitoring of daily and monthly mid-day meal data to be sent by the schools. The app has tried to address the leakages that exist in the Mid Day Meal scheme. As per the information available on the Google Play Store, the app provides additional data communicating mechanism for the MDM in-charge/teacher who has to send the daily/monthly data using SMS. Interestingly once installed on your smartphone the app does not require the Internet to send MDM figures. Users has option to send the figure through SMS from the app. This simplifies the job of MDM in-charge, who even does not have to remember the SMS formats.


“The authorities at Block, District and State level have a very simple and effective mechanism in shape of this app on their mobile devices for effective and efficient monitoring of daily as well as monthly data transmission by all the MDM in-charge falling under their jurisdiction,” further reads the note on the Play Store. The authorities can send SMS alerts to all defaulters using single button available in the app.

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