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Top 100 Engineering Colleges in India: How They Rank Up in DQ CMR Top T-School Survey 2021

Dataquest and CMR have unveiled the top 100 engineering colleges in India in the one of the most sought after surveys the “Top T-School Survey 2021"

The top 100 engineering colleges in India have been revealed by Dataquest and CMR’s highly anticipated Top T-School Survey 2021. The survey, which focuses on T-Schools and their contribution to key skills in the technology industry and ranks them through a comprehensive evaluation process, is significant especially this year owing to the COVID-19 pandemic in the country.

Given the current scenario, where a large majority of the companies have initiated work from home, it is vital for engineering institutions in India to be future-ready. In this direction, the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has taken some active measures including encouraging institutes to convert their current capacity in traditional disciplines to emerging new technologies. Keeping various such parameters in mind, the survey has unveiled the following institutions to be the top 100 engineering colleges in India:

Top Government T-Schools in India in 2021

Top Private T-Schools in India in 2021

Top T-Schools in India in 2021 Zone Wise

New Entrants in T-School Survey 2021

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