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Top 10 technology leaders, influencers and visionaries

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella heads Juniper Research’s newly-released rankings of the most influential executives in the technology space, followed by Apple’s Chief Design Officer, Jony Ive

Leaders, innovators and visionaries have always been at the heart of the technology sector. Their choices, actions and investments influence the direction and pace of the industry. This report by Juniper Research presents the ten individuals that the research firm believes will have the greatest impact on the sector over the next 12 months, discussing how they influence both their respective organizations and the wider tech sector.

Juniper Research has selected and ranked these innovators according to eight key criteria, namely, Innovation, Scalability, Reach, Business Model, Personal Capital, Outside Impact, End-user Impact and Vision.

#1 Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft

Satya Nadella

With the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft will become a platform-centric company, focusing on transferable OS experiences across devices.

These are complemented by the Continuum technology that allows projection of the Windows 10 Mobile OS from a smartphone to another device to create a flexible platform. Nadella’s background in the cloud and enterprise space means that his vision of Windows 10 and the new services it offers, is likely to be very cloud-centric one.

Thanks to the advent of universal apps, cloud-based app management is very likely to be on Microsoft’s future agenda, for both business and consumer users. Nadella has articulated a vision of ‘Windows-as-a-Service’ to meet users’ needs where they are. In practical terms, he intends Windows services to be platform neutral.  There have been hints of these service-first or service-only offerings with Microsoft signing deals with Samsung and Cyanogen to integrate its software into a range of mobile devices offered by other vendors. This is a fundamental change to Microsoft’s business model. Instead of centring its offerings on the OS, Nadella’s Windows-as-a-Service will result in a very different process of development at Microsoft in future.



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