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Top 10 Best Mobiles for Photography

Earlier, we need to pay hefty amounts to get a decent camera to capture the sweet moments of our life. Those days are gone, now you can easily get a good camera in smartphones by paying a decent amount. Last year, a lot of new companies had jumped in the Indian market. Basically, the options are tremendously increased now, finding a good camera phone isn’t easy at all nowadays. People often choose phones by seeing the specifications, but even a good specification feature device can be outperformed by a medium specification device. So in order to help you with getting the best camera phone, we’ve rounded up some of the best smartphones which come with the good camera in this article. So, here’s a list of Best Mobiles for photography.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus:


If you’re looking for the professional level of photography, then iPhone 7 Plus is a perfect fit you. I agree, phones are expensive, but they are worth every rupee in terms of photography. It is capable of taking phones in all type of lighting conditions. It features a dual rear camera setup which adds Bokeh effect to the captured photos and offers a great amount of detailing in the photos. iPhone 7 plus comes with a 12 MP camera; it is priced at Rs 66,470 on Amazon.

Google Pixel XL:


Here is another great option for photography lovers. Google Pixel XL can capture good quality photos in daylight conditions. In many cases, you will find Google Pixel XL to be better than the Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus. Google Pixel comes with an excellent display and sports a 12.3 MP rear camera. The device is currently priced at Rs 67,000. You can also consider buying Google Pixel, in case if you have a tight budget.


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