Titan Industries: Titanic Strides

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N Kailasanathan, Titan

Titan, with its wide range of watches and designer jewellery, is one of India's

greatest retail success stories. Besides having presence in over 40 countries,

Titan has more than 7000 outlets and 150 showrooms across India. Titan regards

IT as a tool and measures RoI in terms of business benefits obtained.

The balance scorecard model has resulted in improved value creation at Titan

and improved customer satisfaction levels for all its customers. Having

implemented SAP, Titan then went for a B2B solution to leverage Internet for

order handling, tracking and visibility. Subsequently, it went for MIS on

intranet followed by ERP implementation at its jewellery division, Tanishq, and

later launching an employee portal.


One of Titan's most prominent tech initiatives in recent times has been the

development of Web services for its partners, using .NET. .NET ensures that

Titan can incorporate functionality with XML web services when the need arises.

It also provides a seamless way to hook into heterogeneous applications and

databases without having to modify existing applications.

Titan initiated the project to web-enable the flow of information within the

Titan service network, between its offices, Carry Forward Agents (CFAs) and

retailers. Currently, the sales channel spans Titan's three manufacturing

units at Hosur, Dehradun and Ooty, the corporate office at Bangalore, four

regional offices and 32 CFAs across the country.

In the past around 73 of its service outlets ran a Customer Service

Information System (CSIS) that captured and recorded customer complaints and

tracked jobs to closure. The data from CSIS was periodically sent via floppy

disks to Titan Services and analyzed manually-an altogether cumbersome and

time-consuming process. Customer Service Centers (CSC) can now upload CSIS data

over the web, while centers that do not have CSIS send in reports in Excel

format. This information can be collated on various parameters and analyzed in

real time more easily and accurately than before. Reports from this analysis

flow to departments like manufacturing, finance, parts, and service- offering

feedback, alerts, information pertaining to manufacturing defects, sales

achievements, service quality, revenues etc.



Web-enabled information flow within its service network

- Development of Web services for its partners

- Deployed PDAs for the sales force


In the process of deploying RFID for its jewellery business

From the management's perspective collecting field sales reports have also

become easy. Not only PDAs, Titan has gone the full futuristic push by going for

RFID technology. This new, and still esoteric, technology was pushed hard since

the jewellery business with 5000 varieties and with a high value of inventory

required RFID for tracking.