Three platforms to help you be mindful about utilizing your bonus money and increments

No matter how smart and productive you are; your work and life balance could take all your time and leave you with no time to sensibly invest or utilize your bonus. Irrespective of your time-crunch, you do not control your cravings of splurging on food, clothes and other luxuries. Its time you control that and properly utilize your bonus or increment money.

Fortunately there are some platforms which understand your requirements and offer desired solutions. Apart from inbuilt or already available Apps on your smartphone like chrome browser, Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn, you can browse through these platforms too to plan out how to channelize your bonuses for:

1:, a platform which helps you in business of decoding wealth creation by offering investment related advice. They give you the easiest way to discover the best investment avenue to make your money and bonus grow. They will give smart options about how to make that extra money really count.




2: CreditMantri: It is a digital Credit Marketplace offering Credit management services to lenders and borrowers. CreditMantri was created to help consumers take charge of their credit health and to help them make better borrowing decisions and also help to invest their bonus in a right away. CreditMantri‘s mission is to enable efficient credit decision making for consumers and lenders. CreditMantri works with over 17 lenders and makes available close to 50 credit products and services.



3Fisdom: The Fisdom platform allows you to save your bonus in a completely electronic, paperless way. They can also get specific recommendations for the funds to invest in, for each case – bonus or increment.



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