Threat from e-waste in India is not as grave

DQI Bureau
New Update


What was the idea behind HCL eSafe?

We have unified our various environment protection initiatives under the HCL
eSafe program, and it is under this program that we have launched a new range of

HCL eSafe desktop PCs that are compliant with RoHS (Restriction of hazardous

substances) directive and are environment friendly. This means that personal

computers complying with RoHS standards contain negligible or zero quantities of

hazardous materials like lead, cadmium, and mercury, and are, therefore, cleaner

and easily recyclable. Earlier this year, we had introduced Indias first

range of RoHS-compliant notebooks.

How grave is the threat of e-waste in India?

The issue of e-waste management is assuming mammoth dimension today, even
though, as compared to other developed countries, the threat from e-waste is not

that grave in India since our law prohibits the import of hazardous substances.

However, we cannot be complacent with it as there is a potential threat for

tomorrow. Recycling e-waste is an industry in itself, and, as of now, there are

two government-approved companies, which are engaged in the recycling of

e-waste. Our eSafe initiative, which includes RoHS compliant desktop PCs, offers

the consumers the facility to dispose off these products in an

environment-friendly way, which is a good early step.


What can India Inc do to create awareness on e-waste?

There is willingness on the part of industry to promote recycling of e-waste
and also create awareness about the same. What we can do is to mark all products

with special logo, indicating that these products are not to be disposed off in

waste; educate the masses on the importance of disposing it off properly.


Is the launch of these RoHS-compliant desktop PCs a result of

the recent initiatives of Greenpeace?

Greenpeace is a world renowned NGO that is doing exemplary work to create
awareness about the grave threat due to e-waste. However, launching a range of

RoHS-compliant desktop PCs is not something that can be done overnight, and it

took us a year and half to launch this new range of PCs. Moreover, all our

vendors need to be RoHS-compliant, and we are trying to build awareness on this

front. There is no legislation on RoHS in India, and whatever has been done by

HCL, is purely on voluntary basis.

Stuti Das