This is the Right Time to Invest in Robust Technologies

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What has been Geojits focus in the IT


Geojit Technologies started as a subsidiary of Geojit href="">PNB
Paribas Financial Services as a software solutions company to

design end-to-end business solutions such as  href="">financial

applications, shipping solutions, and href="">business

automation systems. We started developing the back office as a

product and started implementing it in a couple of locations. By that

time Dubai Gold and Commodity Exchanges (DGCX) started in Dubai and we

got commodities back-office empanelled in DGCX. Therefore we came up

with a comprehensive trading application with robust href=""> risk

management which is a comprehensive solution in the market. The

application has also been empanelled in Saudi Arabia and Muscat. Now we

have all the products for the capital markets intermediary i.e.

training, settlement, and client registration. During the period

2007-08, BNP Paribas took a stake in our company and found that our

back office product was useful and started outsourcing their projects

from Europe to Geojit Technologies. BNP Paribas has already invested

35%. We also got orders from BNP Securities.

What is Geojits plan in India market?

We have an online
application called FLIP. We have now subsequently

empanelled our trading application with the National Stock Exchange. We

are now a vendor in India also and have expansion plans of our

businesses whether it is trading application or services. In India the

rule is that in order to sell the trading application, it needs to get

empanelled and especially vendor empanelment is necessary. We have

witnessed multiple market cycles so the risk management systems

developed is really comprehensive and it is rule based. It is also

meant for retail so large numbers of concurrent users are permitted. It

also has a robust middleware.  We are also the first vendor who

got empanelled for the mutual funds trading system.

How are you planning to leverage your
business in 2010 in this segment considering financial sector was the

worst hit in 2009?

I think this is the right time to invest in the robust technologies
because the market in which we are serving is emerging and growing

especially in India. Other markets such as Middle East are facing some

problems however a lot of href="">consolidation

is happening.  Asian markets will perform really well and

there will be a lot of investments in technologies. In 2008-09, markets

were badly hit, however we now see a recovery and we see this segment

emerging and are performing well.  

What is the value proposition your
product offers?

The solution we have positioned in the market is comprehensive.
Today we look in multiple applications and for each product we have

different applications such as commodities, derivatives, and back-end.

All channels distribution such as brand network, franchise network,

Internet and mobile, are all now converged to a single platform and by

this you can create more reach and high availability of uptime which

are critical component for any financial intermediaries. Our rule-based

risk management engine helps to define and configure rules on risk

management dynamically in a cyclical and a volatile market.

How do your project management tools
help managers execute projects and help them save time and costs?

In 2008-09, we were a href="">CMMI Level
3 Certified company and that positioned ourselves well in the market.

Subsequently for a proper management and for the dashboards we

implemented clarity in our environment. All the project managers have

efficient tools available on their desktops to see how their project is