Think before you click – Stay safe this Holi!

It is that time of the year again when social media witnesses a spike in malicious activities and cyber goons would not miss any opportunity to scam you or steal your personal information.

Think twice before clicking on these links or responding to any notifications.

As a smart netizen, it is imperative to abide by the social media etiquettes which will go a long way in securing your personal information and reputation online. Remember that, social networking sites are not ‘the problem’ rather, it’s the way they are used that can be an issue.

ü Keep the settings private, so only select friends can find you.
ü Be mindful when accepting friend requests, and never accept a request from someone you don’t know.
ü Post or respond carefully as it never goes away.
ü Be cautious about responding to strange messages or clicking links.
ü Ask people’s permission before passing on their personal information or tagging their pictures on social networks.
ü Use free tools such as Safe Web for Facebook to scan news feeds and identify URLs containing security risks such as phishing sites, malicious downloads and links to unsafe external sites.

While these guidelines apply mostly to your social media behavior, one needs to be responsible when socializing offline too. During Holi parties and get-togethers when everyone is in a playful mood, mobile devices can get easily dropped or pick-pocketed putting personal identity and privacy at stake.

Here are some general mobile security tips:

ü Set a password to lock the keypad and screen to keep your information private in case of device theft
ü Choose all mobile applications wisely, and read through their terms and conditions before pressing “Agree” to avoid giving away too much personal information.
ü Make sure your mobile security software is up to date
ü Do not click on link over text messages and reply to unknown callers or text messages.
ü Be cautious on public Wi-Fi networks before pairing your mobile devices.
This season, follow these guidelines and have a Colourful and Safe Holi.

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