'There’s enough room for all laptop vendors'

DQI Bureau
New Update

Four months ago, Mumbai-based vendor PCS had claimed that it would be among

the top three in all product segments by the end of this year. It is definitely

working hard towards its goal as it has now launched its low-cost notebook

called Mustang in competition with other MNC brands in the country. Nancy

Sudheer met up with Arun Bhattacharya, executive V-P (channel), to learn more on



The market opinion is that your entry in the low-cost notebook category

has been late. What is your comment on this?

Notebooks took off in India just a year ago, and PCS was gearing up for the

right moment. In the mean time, PCS has put its channel, service and support

network in place. It is also essential to offer the correct processing speed,

and therefore we have the PIV with 1.8 Ghz speed which is a mobile CPU. There

are a lot of vendors offering low-cost solutions but also with the desktop CPU.

PCS wanted to target the middle-class segment in India and was waiting to launch

the right product. We have also trained our engineers who are all geared up now

to look into support of these products. Media campaigns of these products will

also start soon, across the country. For the channels, we are also bringing out

a demo machine scheme and specific dealers will be appointed as specialized PCS

notebook dealers.

PCS has traditionally been a vendor targeting the

government segment. Are you planning to target this new product at the same

segment aggressively?

Volumes are important in any business today; therefore we will definitely

look at the government segment. Like the PC market, this product does not

achieve that high a volume. However, by the end of the year PCS is looking at a

sale of 400 to 500 notebooks.

PCS has been targeting this product at the middle

management and also aggressively through channels. Are you looking strongly at

the retail segment?

As notebooks require special skills to sell, specialized partners are being

appointed across the country for notebooks. Many of them are also having retail

outlets and therefore it will naturally be sold aggressively through this



Now that you have launched the Mustang in the price range

of Rs 60,000—65,000, what are your plans on getting more aggressive with the

price structure?

Price point is essential today, and we are definitely looking at cheaper

solutions even in other segments like servers. Basically, we want to offer a

kitty of low-cost solutions across all our product lines including the niche

products. And at PCS this is going to be a continuous process.

There are also regional brands coming out with low cost

notebook solutions. Does PCS consider these brands as a threat?

Regional brands will never be a threat mainly because these products cater

to a different segment. India being such a vast country, there are various

segments to be catered. Therefore, there is enough room for everyone. The market

will allow all the different brands to coexist.