'There is a huge market for e-learning products abroad and in India'

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Can you tell us about the activities in your centre of


With the e-learning sector buzzing with activity, it has also thrown open a
homogeneous community. We are in the process of building physical infrastructure

in two phases in Pune. When we setup the center of excellence, we were 100 in

number and have grown two-fold, resulting in business growth.

What are the skills taught through e-learning?

With four million graduates passing from colleges every year, e-learning
sector opens the gate for those who can create GUI, design support sets, ability

to design and describe a product, write user documentation, have product

engineering skills and programming knowledge. Training is also a very important

aspect, as one needs to understand the business processes for developing a world

class product and solution for the industry.


How is the market for the products abroad and specifically in


There is a huge market for e-learning products abroad and in India it is at
a nascent stage offering scope for many players to tap the $20 mn through new

product development. Though we have no real challenge in the country, there is

barely a small market (Rs 90 crore) for e-learning products for consumption and

expect a reasonable double-digit growth. The country is a major exporter of

e-learning product and solution and the reasons being:core competencies centered

on programming, lot of animation and graphic talent, huge advantage in English

language, and project management skills.


How do you plan to tap the Indian market?

Earlier, there was some resistance among the teachers to such tools and that
has reduced considerably due to awareness. But the major pain point is

allocation of budget for such tools in education sector. But one can tap the

market by creating a product, making the right buzz and reaching out to

universities and government through direct contact.

While players like NIIT, Tata Interactive have presence as

outsourced content developers, Harbinger is into product development offering a

range of products and solutions in the area and we are concentrating on IT and

BPO companies. Harbinger's strategy is to reach out to the potential customer

through direct market selling, conferences, webinars and online presence.

AC Ganesh, CIOL