the toons are in control!

If a picture can really mean a thousand words, then
the best example one can get for the above cliche is a cartoon. The Web has a lot of sites
for cartoon freaks. Here, we will list four popular sites. Only, be careful that the boss
does not catch you browsing around during office hours.

calvin and hobbes
Bill Watterson’s endearing cartoon strip is one of the most popular cartoon strips ever.
Though dealing with kids, some of the stuff goes beyond what the little kiddies really
understand. This is adult stuff, and quite a few of the jokes can only be understood by
grown-ups-how many kiddies can comprehend the fact that Hobbes exists in Calvin’s frame of
thought as a tiger, but appears as a mere stuffed cat to the rest of us?

The site is well organized, and loads
fairly fast. It is really easy to move back and forth, thanks to the simple navigation
system adopted by the site designers. This site can provide hours of fun for you. Only,
don’t let the boss catch you (My boss caught me, but I told him that I’m doing it for the
Greater Good of the section, and I received a warm pat on the back-you may
not be so lucky).

Peanuts, which features a host of little kiddies including the endearing beagle Snoopy is
another great cartoon on the Web. This site, like the Calvin and Hobbes site, is also well
organized, but leaves one wishing that the navigation was a little better. While it is
possible for you to select the date of your choice, it is unfortunately difficult for you
to move around with the kind of ease that you become familiar with while surfing Calvin
and Hobbes. But that apart, it is a great site to visit regularly.

While it is usually not very safe to let
your boss catch you browsing this site, there is also another greater danger. It is also
quite fatal to let your dog catch you in the act-who knows, he may soon become as clever
as Snoopy, and start dictating terms to you!

Anybody burdened by the stupidity of routine corporate life, with its idiotic bosses,
logic-stunning policies, and ever-arcane company philosophies will find a good friend in
Dilbert. This is a great site for anybody fed up with the management. True, all of us know
that the first myth about management is that it exists, but Scott Adams has refined the
above statement into a fine art.

While the cartoons are really leading edge
(or high return-on-investment on browsing time entities as management buffs would like to
call them), the site leaves a little to be desired on the organization front. All said and
done, this is one site that the boss should never catch you browsing-you could get sacked
for harboring anti-management sentiments.

ripley’s believe it or not!
If you believe that comics are kid stuff, visit Ripley’s. You will find that it is highly
informative concerning a variety of trivial data worth knowing if you are one of those who
attend a variety of parties where you like to show off your knowledge, or prefer moving
around with general knowledge enthusiasts.

The strip, which is said to be one of the
oldest in the world, claims to be read in over 37 countries. While you won’t laugh your
head off after you’ve finished with this site, it has its own plus points. For one thing,
you get some pretty valuable information, and for another, if the boss catches you, you
can always claim that you were finding some interesting information for inclusion in next
Monday’s presentation. Bosses being bosses, they will believe you if you keep a straight

Have fun!

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