The role of Cloud, Data Analytics and Mobility in Managed IT Services

By: Tarun Seth, MD, Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic

India has in recent times seen a dramatic renaissance in the field of digital and communication technology with increased smartphone adoption, better connectivity and higher internet penetration. Indian users have displayed a very favourable disposition towards the mobile digital platform, making it their medium of choice for all social, personal and professional tasks. Nearly every service can now be accessed through the Cloud. This has, in turn, completely metamorphosed the Managed IT Services domain, with almost every service provider now found on a mobile platform. But how does cloud-based technology and mobility affect Managed IT services?

The answer to that is very simple; cloud computing technology impacts Managed IT services to a great extent. Cloud-based technologies from global technology giants such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft offer MSPs a viable alternative to provide their clients with IT support solutions. This allows them to circumvent the need to set up a separate software and hardware infrastructure.

How does this help in the overall scheme of things? Bypassing the requirement to install a new hardware or software infrastructure obviates the need to invest capital in these exercises, providing Managed IT Service providers with a convenient method of slashing the incurred capital expenditure and optimise their profit generation. Taking the infrastructure on the cloud also impacts the resource utilisation; a single data point on the cloud can be accessed by as many connected devices as the administrator allows, thereby improving functional efficiency. Additionally, since cloud-based systems provide extremely affordable scalability solutions, opting for a cloud service provider helps MSPs circumnavigate the physical constraints faced during scaling up their operations as well as avoid the associated extra costs. In short, cloud-based solutions provide extremely cost effective infrastructure solutions with a seemingly limitless opportunity for operational growth.

Another benefit associated with leveraging cloud-based technology is that of mobility. Managed IT Service providers may choose their support infrastructure on a cloud based platform, either partially or entirely. This removes the traditional limitations associated with data access and service utilisation; employees and clients can process their required tasks anytime, anywhere through a cloud-connected device without being required to be physically present at a specific location. This streamlines the workflow by minimising the demands on physical resources such as office space, devices etc, thereby managing costs, optimising resource utilisation, and improving efficiency. Considering the fact that a large part of the Indian population has already wholeheartedly accepted mobile digital devices as their medium of choice, mobility helps MSPs in leveraging existing resources to boost their own functionality.

Lastly, any mention of cloud and mobility cannot be concluded without explaining the pivotal role Data Analytics services such as Google Analytics and Big Data technologies such as Hadoop have come to play in helping Managed IT Services achieve synchronicity with the ever-changing market. Data Analytics can help a management service provider in collecting, modelling and analysing data with an end-goal of gleaning relevant insightful information that could support decision-making for the MSP and its clientele. By crunching through data, MSPs can successfully identify current and future trends to help them evolve. Considering how dynamic and disruptive the current market approach is, this could help organisations in strategically positioning themselves to optimally leverage the changing market forces with a view of firing their own growth.

All in all, technological advances such as cloud computing, data analytics and mobility provide Managed IT Service providers with the best solutions to handle all their functional requirements. All that remains for MSPs is to leverage them for optimal results.

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    A fantastic look into managed IT services and the direction the industry is going.

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