The ‘Peace of Mind’ Server

If you have been losing sleep
over the downtime caused by
the malfunctioning server in your enterprise, Hewlett-Packard is here to offer you the peace of mind with its latest launch NetServer LXr 8500. The new server is an improvement on the earlier version of NetServer 8000.
With companies increasingly taking to IT, the computing needs too are growing rapidly.

The internet has become all pervasive, so the servers too need to be net-compatible. In areas where mission-critical applications are installed, downtime is a total anathema. Hence, a server needs to do its job without a break, with best-in-class power to optimize performance in high-growth data centers.HP aims to address this of the enterprises with its LXr class of PC servers.

Troika technology

One can call NetServer LXr 8500, a product of troika technology. It is based on Unix with Intel 32-bit architecture. The server also comes with the Assured Availability Solutions from Marathon Technologies. Says Steven C Hoffman, Worldwide Operations Manager, Network Server Division, HP, “Assured availability means that the NetServer will continue with its computing operations despite component failures, hot swaps and `blue screens’.

This is achieved using Marathon’s NoTouch Recovery software, which enables new components to automatically get assimilated into the NetServer array, thereby restoring redundancy without human intervention.
The HP and Marathon partnership has raised the level of robustness and availability of Windows NT. The combination provides customer with a scalable spectrum of technology that allows them to choose the appropriate level of availability for their business needs.

Leader in supporting interoperability

An IDC Asia-Pacific Windows NT Server Adoption Study reveals that HP is viewed best for supporting interoperability between NT and Unix. In organizations with 500 and more employees, HP had a substantial 44% points while Sun and Digital lagged behind with 22.2%. IBM was a distant fourth with 5.6% points and others made up with a 5.6%.

The same study also ranked HP after Microsoft as the primary NT service and support provider among organizations with employees less than 500. Moreover, among the organizations with 500 and more employees, HP stole a march over Microsoft with 27.3% points, the latter had 26%. Surely this kind of popularity should not only help the company fetch buyers for its new server, but it can also expect demand for upgrades. HP is also in the process of creating demand by introducing financing schemes. Says Anthony Lim, Product Marketing Manager, Server Products, “We can finance the software that is required to run LXr 8500.”

Reduced cost of ownership

According to HP, LXr 8500 would lead to an increase in business productivity by ensuring maximized uptime and protection of critical data from catastrophic loss or corruption. The company would help its customers to consolidate users and systems storage to reduce the cost of ownership. The cost of operations is also expected to be lower because of the centralized system management and leveraging of previous investments on technology. Says Dennis Mark Weng Leong, Regional Marketing Center Manager, Asia-Pacific Region, “HP protects the technology investments of its customers and will offer an in-box upgrade from LXr 8000 to the latest offering.”

The server’s trump card is its TopTools 4.5 which provides intelligent management of heterogeneous environment consisting of various classes of servers. The other feature is the TopTools Remote Control Card. The card allows an administrator to take action on a group of servers with one simple command.
The potential customers include sectors like banking and insurance, internet service providers, airlines and military establishments. At Rs18 lakh, the cost might look prohibitive. But for mission-critical applications, cost is the last factor that one should worry about.

What the Server Promises

The enterprise-class NetServer LXr 8500 is optimized for fast-growing corporations and enterprise data centers. Some of its features include:


Eight Intel Pentium III Xeon 550MHz processors,

32GB SDRAM with four 64-bit PCI controllers

7U height rack-optimized system


Fully hot-swappable/hot-pluggable components

90 system monitoring and reporting sensors

Fault-resilient booting

Advanced memory-scrubbing software utility

First hardware-based one-button disaster-recovery tape-backup solution, available through the optional
HP SureStore DAT24I accessory.

Intelligent Management

HP TopTools 4.5 now includes the flexibility to
control a heterogeneous Environment with support
for HP 9000 Enterprise Servers and the
To report configuration changes over time:

HP TopTools Remote Control Card further eases remote administration by Allowing “group actions.” An administrator can take action on a group of servers with one simple command; and

HP OpenView ManageX/SE 4.1 allows easy operation-system applications management.

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