The need of the hour is an educated populace

How did the idea of come to you?
India is a young nation with over 50% of its population below the age of 25
and is also among the fastest growing economies in the world but is now
ironically seeing shortages in the skilled workforce. The need of the hour is an
educated populace. People of India have been dramatically exposed to the world
with the advent of cable television, infotainment and a rapid explosion of
opportunities of all kinds. The only thing that is bigger is the competition in
the market place for education. Only a small number of children opt for
professional courses through entrance exams. The rest go to colleges and
universities where the criterion of admission is marks in the CBSE exams at the
terminal stagemostly class XII. Currently, only schools focus on this aspect.
The only support system available is a system of private tutors. Considering all
these issues, we decided to start

How does help in solving the issue? starts with a clear focus. The focus is on supporting children of
classes 6-12 in schools with the CBSE syllabus. It does so after the school
hours and with advice, support, and tutoring that is of high quality. It
leverages technology to allow the support to be provided at a cost that is much
lower than the private tutor system with a quality that is consistent and
visibly higher.

Atul Kulshrestha, chairman
and originator,

Since India is largely a touch and feel market, do you think an online
tuition portal would be really helpful for students?
In the US, the worlds largest education market, online tutoring is a $4 bn
industry and is growing at an estimated rate of 10-15% per annum. In other parts
of the world too, online tutoring is picking up in a big way, thanks to its
value for money proposition, convenience, and increasing accessibility to the
Internet. The worldwide market for online tutoring is estimated to be around $12
bn. In India, as computer penetration and access to Internet and broadband
connection goes up, e-tutoring is set to grow at a fast pace.

There are several other online education players who provide tutorials and
guides for students. How is different?
If you talk about other online players, their primary focus is to provide
online tutoring or animated content. Our way of functioning is totally different
from them as we provide complete after school study support with a quick
response application. Our portal is a place where students, teachers, and
parents can come and interact in a Live environment.

Kumar Anshuman

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