The Intellectual Pyramid

It is common knowledge that in knowledge-based companies, company value is driven more by intangible assets than by tangible ones. The task of measuring and reporting value of assets thus becomes a little complex. As of now, no global standards have evolved. Mastek, as part of measuring its intangible assets or in other words, intellectual capital, created the ‘Mastek Pyramid’ in 1995, instead of opting for brand valuation. The Mastek pyramid was created for Mastekeers to carry out the company’s mission, every day. As Ashank Desai says, “We decided not to get into the valuation business. This model is evolving and we are trying to link valuation to knowledge. At present, there is a gap.” The four vertices, or ‘cornerstones’ of the pyramid are fundamental to the Mastek mission. 

Love and commitment (L&C)
It refers to evoking the spirit of service within and outside the organization. Love towards stakeholders in increasing their capability, providing the space for them to achieve their potential and commitment to support them to translate this capability into actual performance. L&C embodies the spirit of Mastek. To manifest its distinct identity as an organization, it needed three other dimensions–physical, emotional and intellectual. 

Growth and sustainability (G&S)
G&S forms the emotional dimension and the company’s survival instinct. The need to be viable, vibrant, growing and praise-worthy as an organization has made it adopt this dimension. While L&C is the purpose, G&S is the effectiveness indicator.

Systems and processes (S&P)
S&P along with the structure and infrastructure constitute the physical dimension. S&P, as a cornerstone, converts all the thinking, learning and knowledge into ‘organizational habits’ at the process level. S&P is a critical dimension in ensuring predictability and repeatability and a single standard ‘Mastek Way’, that is followed across various countries, branches and people. 

Creativity and fun (C&F)
Creativity and fun pertain to the intellect–the ability to constantly question current wisdom. It also provides an opportunity to innovate both in terms of products and processes, and the facility to challenge and be challenged. 
The pyramid concept was evolved by Mastek consultant Dr Prasad Kalpam who also facilitated the exercise of building the Mastek Pyramid. 

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