The Indian market is like a pyramid for us

What are your plans for the Indian market?
A major chunk of the IT business in India is driven by SMBs with less than 5,000
employees. To leverage on this, we have entered into partnerships with HCL,
Wipro, and Paladion. We really believe in the huge scope of the Indian market.
Key verticals like pharma, manufacturing, retail, and government are adopting IT
at a rapid pace. The Indian market is like a pyramid for us with many small,
medium, and large enterprises. We would like to cover the whole pyramid and are
broadening our reach through our partners.

What are your strategies for SMBs in India?
In India, the acceptance of outsourcing is higher than in any other part of the
world. The SMB segment is a huge market served by service providers, resellers,
and partners. Our strategy is to reach the SMBs through partners who can sell
our solutions to them. The key advantage of our technology is that our solution
requires only a single infrastructure and single console, and, therefore, its
very cost-effective and appropriate for the SMB segment. SMBs can buy our whole
suite or use single solutions which cover all their needs like patch management,
virus management, etc.

Amrit Williams, chief technology
officer, Bigfix

What are the offerings from Bigfix for the Indian market?
Bigfix manages every computing device on the Internet. The architecture is
very extensible and scalable. It allows to manage the computer outside the
network. Our solution essentially allows organizations to maintain the health
and improve the security of computing devices anywhere in the world, whether
they are physical or virtual, fixed or mobile. We offer three different
solutionssystems life cycle management, which addresses configuration
management, patch management, software distribution, and OS deployment. The
other offerings include end-point protection and security configuration
vulnerability management solution. The main advantage of our solutions compared
to our competitors is that the solutions are delivered through a single
infrastructure instead of multiple agents. We are also planning to conduct
seminars and training in every quarter for our partners and resellers.

Pradeesh Chandran

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