The food processing industry offers a good potential

As the world moves to the next level of technology
development, where is the demand for ERP arising from?

ERP is a crowded market place and the demand comes primarily from three places.
First, install base-customers continue to add a lot of licenses. And, as the
economy gathers pace, this will become a major platform on which we will deliver
on. Secondly, Infor caters to the needs of lots of small and mid range companies
because they upgrade their processes and systems when their initial installments
fail to meet their requirements. Thirdly, emerging geographies like Latin
America, particularly Brazil, India, China and Eastern Europe like Turkey and
Russia offer a lot of opportunities.

What are the opportunities in India?
In India, opportunities are in plenty in the mid market. For example, in the
automobiles segment, there are opportunities in tier-2, 3 and 4 towns. Apart
from these, cities like Pune, Ahmedabad and Chennai are growing at a fast pace
with respect to the auto manufacturing industry. Since India is one of the
largest consumers for the automobiles segment, there are a lot of opportunities
for Infor in this space. Apart from automotive, even the logistics and
manufacturing space is showing promise. The ERP market in India is still
witnessing growth in the mid-market segment. This includes organizations in the
discreet manufacturing and process manufacturing industry like chemicals and

How important is SMB as a sector?
The SMB sector is important as a couple of our ERP platforms fit there.
Infor has about 70,000 customers in the SMB space and derives revenues to the
tune of $50 mn to $2.5-3 bn annually from this segment. In India, Infor focuses
mainly on companies in the upper mid level space.

Which are the verticals and technologies Infor intends
to focus on?
The food processing industry offers a good potential and therefore, we would
like to focus on this industry in India. Apart from that, the beverage sector
has also witnessed remarkable growth in the recent years. Hence, this will prove
beneficial for our SCM product line. Pertaining to technology, Infor plans to
upgrade its offerings globally, including in India. We think that Open Services
Oriented Architecture will be better than all our products. This will allow
customers to easily integrate between our solutions and those of our
competitors. Over a period of time, we would like to make all our offerings
cloud enabled.

Shilpa Shanbhag

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