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Arvind Tawde

On building strategic capabilities

M&M is using IT to reach its business partners. Dealer and supplier

portals have helped in faster and economical business transactions with

partners. The management perceived that the online activity with suppliers had

to move from information sharing to transactions. Hence SAP—SRM (supplier

relationship management) was implemented. M&M is, globally, the first to

implement this solution for facilitating collaborative business with suppliers.

The proposed implementation of Dealer Management System and CRM is expected to

optimize the sales and marketing process and would help in strengthening

relationship with our dealers and customers.

On IT's impact on operations

ERP system has provided a systematic and structured process framework and has
increased the operational efficiencies. Implementation of Supply Chain

Management (SAP-APO) solution has contributed towards optimization of the

supply chain. The collaboration and communication capabilities that IT has

brought in today are significant. M&M's all 7 plants, 33 area offices and

corporate offices are connected through a single network. They share the same

process systems and access the same information base. The implementation of

technologies such as MPLS (Multi Protocol Labels Switching) for connecting

M&M plant locations, Voice over IP and video conferencing has a positive

impact on cost and efficiency.


On Information security

Information security is considered as an organization-wide movement, which

requires continuous monitoring and up gradation, to cope with changing

technology and new challenges. Therefore, a process-oriented approach has been

adopted and we are working towards security certification as per British

Standard-BS: 7799.

On managing IT

At M&M, IT is an integral part of business. Hence IT infrastructure

needs are based on long-term business plans and needs. All the components of IT

infrastructure are considered in totality, not in isolation. Complete IT

infrastructure catering to business needs is planned and deployed. The

technology itself is evolving so fast that balancing the technology obsolescence

and exploiting newer opportunities has become a key challenge.

On wireless mobility

We are creating the base for wireless mobility. We consider wireless

technology as an extension of our present infrastructure and applications with

new channel capability. Our immediate focus is on productivity enhancement

applications such as use of bar codes for vehicle tracking, inventory

management. Wireless

mobility is an important component of our IT strategy.