Viswanathan Ramaswamy

The Coming of Age for the Mainframe

By - Viswanathan Ramaswamy, , Country Leader - Server Solutions (POWER & Mainframe) IBM India (P) Limited.

The present is such a time that has a potential to change the course of the IT industry. Emerging workloads from Analytics, Big Data, Social and Mobile are creating new challenges and tremendous opportunities for insights, strategic business planning and growth. Business leaders are in the continuous hunt for new age technology by which they can obtain continuous access to data, while generating insights and reducing costs simultaneously. Continuous access to data is vital for businesses to be on top of the game. However, only a few are aware about the amount of money that downtime alone could cost. Some analysts have calculated it to amount to almost USD1.5 million on an hourly basis.

Along with analytics security is of a great concern today for enterprises. Data breaches could amount to almost $5.85 million. A recent industry study has shown that seven out of ten organizations already are aware of the fact that the right data infrastructure is crucial for enterprises. Keeping this fact in mind major IT companies around the world continue to innovate around high-value servers and storage systems. For these purposes a large chunk of the world’s corporate data resides and critical business applications run on the mainframe including top banks, insurance companies, transportation businesses and retail stores – all handling huge amounts of data, twenty four-seven transactions and demanding the highest levels of security.

With the announcement of z13 systems – which unpretendingly is the only mainframe that can provide forty percent more total capacity, three times increase in memory, two times increase in cache and capable enough to double the speed of real-time encryption technologies for faster and safer mobile .These new age mainframes have been designed, developed and tested in order to provide extraordinary value when compared to other solutions, bringing on board three areas developments:

  • Collect business insights and optimize data economics
  • Make business continuity a reality with 24/7 availability
  • Increase security and minimize risk

With these transformation to the age old mainframe, what one gets is an optimized mainframe environment with cutting-edge storage technology.

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