The Cloud Song

Cloud computing has become
The biggest rage in technology, of late
Let us jointly explore
What is real or virtual, and how much of IT is fake?

We will start by dissecting
What cloud is all about
Its makeup and characteristics
And, why it has such clout?

Each letter of CLOUD holds a clue and,
Tells us about its might
The rest, I will let you figure out
Why this new way of computing is so tight?

C of the cloud
Stands for computing that is commoditized
Each technology stack of the OSI model
Is integrated and highly virtualized

The hardware, the software, in the cloud
The O/S and even the network
Requires little new capital
And, yet adds to your net-worth

L is for leverage
The cloud provides to all
Internal, private, or public cloud
One can access them, without even a call

O is for the new way of outsourcing
The cloud has ushered in
Those who hop on the hype cycle
Will flourish and help their customers win
No longer will it be the sourcing of data center
Or your place or mine
The focus will be business transaction
That can be computed for less than a dime

U is for ubiquity
The cloud can finally offer
Anytime, anyplace computing
Without latency or waiting to buffer

D stands for dynamic provisioning
The most important feature of this new information age
From a standard browser one can access
Unbound computing, ubiquitous connectivity, and infinite storage

Death is what cloud will bring
To un-virtualized and proprietary compute environment
There will be a few applications that may still need them
But they will be far and few, outdated and mostly dormant

Finally, there is a letter
That must be added to the cloud
Without which it is all but vapor
And nothing to shout about

It is S for security
So critical for the cloud ushered cyberspace
As your data seamlessly bounces between private and public cloud
And moves around the globe, as if in a race

S is also for service
The clouds collectively enable
From infrastructure, to platform, to Software-as-a-Service
Open, affordable and capable!

Raj Asava
The author is vice president, Dell Services


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