The CIO Oscars

Indias leading industry conglomeratesLarsen & Toubro,
TVS Motors and Hindalco Industriesbagged the Champion, Gold and Silver CIO
awards in the Above Rs 1,000 crore category for IT implementations at the CIOL-Dataquest
EnterpriseConnect Awards 2007

In the Below Rs 1,000 crore category, manufacturing companies
continued the good show with Eveready Industries India, Roots Industries and
Hikal winning the top three honorsas the Champion, Gold and Silver CIOs,

In the Individual categories, there was an interesting mix of
winners, with insurance and financial services companies bagging majority of the

Whos Who

Adopts cutting edge/emerging technologies ahead of
Innovates on a existing technology/application for
use originally not intended for
Contributes towards acceptance of IT within the
organizationtop management and end users
Extended Manager:
Creates value for the business by connecting
strategic external stakeholders

Processer CIO:
Positively impacts business processes through
successful use of IT

Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services won the Pioneer
award, and SRL Ranbaxy took home the Innovator award. The BFSI segments
growing strength was evident in the other individual categories as The Oriental
Insurance won the Extended Manager award, SBI Life Insurance took the honors as
the Advocate, and Bank of India grabbed the Process award.

Commenting on the winners, Vivek Kulkarni, former Karnataka IT
Secretary and CEO of Brickwork India said: “The winners have all
implemented complicated IT solutions and it has been a tough decision to choose
the winners. However, ultimately, the jury came to a consensus decision and
elected the top slots.” He added that the manufacturing companies
implemented most of the latest IT solutions and hence, they emerged as the

The Unsung Heroes
The CIO has virtually been the unsung hero of the enterprise. It is common
to see reports about certain enterprises doing brilliant IT implementations.
However, what people do not realize is that such IT implementations have been
made possible by processes and people. Within enterprises, people devise these
processesread, the CIO.

Delivering the opening address at the event, Anil Kumar, senior
vice president, CIOL said “As leaders of technology, CIOs have, for a long
time, been unsung heroes. So, the theme for this years event is CIO Oscars.
CIOs have been instrumental in delivering technology to all, without many
knowing it. There has been a heterogeneous mix of verticals in the nominations
received by CIOL. In quite a few places, there were close calls, some ending in
photo finishes, in terms of points.”

He cited an instance of Ashok Soota, a jury chairman in the
first award event of this series, who said that he would like to implement the
EnterpriseConnect Awards questionnaire as the KRA for his CIO.

Stellar Performances
In his address, Abraham Matthew, president, CIOL, and CEO, Cybermedia Dice,
said that since CIOs were drivers for innovation and growth of the IT sector,
they deserved due recognition.

Enterprise Connect Awards
Jury Members, Rahul De, Subhas Patil, Shyam Malhotra, Vivek Kulkarni, Alok
Shende, Prasanto Kumar Roy, Probir Mitra with CIOL editor Pradeep
Chakraborty in the back

CIOL, along with Dataquest, conceived and developed the
Enterprise Connect Awards in 2004 around a framework that recognizes a CIOs
leadership qualities, business-technology understanding, people orientation and
performance through pioneering and innovating efforts. Thus, the CIOs Oscar
spawned in the IT firmament with the glitter that can add further sheen to the
shining stars, who are known by the designation chief information officer,”
said Matthew.

He added that the EnterpriseConnect Awards recognized and
rewarded excellence among CIOs in enabling their organizations to become more
efficient and competitive, and that the awards had become the standard and a
synonym for excellence and merit among Indian CIOs.

“My expectation from you, the super CIOs is for you to work
on the aspect of getting exposure for managing business globalization. How many
of you are global CIOs? From your own workplace, do you see yourself as a Global
CIO? It is all about practices and processes that would be accepted. Perhaps,
CIOL and Dataquest need to think of a category for awarding this as
well,” he concluded.

I strongly commend ITs
role in the way it has changed the face of communication at the company.
We have adopted many pieces, from informal email to intense use of web
conferencing, meetings, and webcast

CIO Award

Large Enterprise Category
Anantha Sayana
head, Corporate IT, Larsen
& Toubro

L&T effectively used
IT to achieve its business goals, especially in the areas of procurement
order cycles, project management, order fulfillment, engineering and
development of new products thanks to its IT governance structure.
Some of its key projects were: an automated disaster recovery management
system for business continuity; software-as-a-service (SaaS) for financial
product training: RFID-enabled stores management system; a Web service
integration tool; and an e-learning portal for employees.

“We have done a host
of things with IT. But the reason we succeeded is the way we put it all
together. We made sure that there were no mindless solutions and so we
achieved customer optimization, efficiency and standardization at all
levels. We put some solutions for enterprise and some as niche
solutions,” said Sayana. “I strongly commend ITs role in the
way it has changed the face of communication at the company. We have
adopted many pieces, from informal email to intense use of web
conferencing, meetings, and Webcast. Today IT is at a stage where we have
achieved hundred percent automation for every business process,” he

If you look at IT from
an IT perspective, it wont work. But if you undertake every IT
initiative from a business perspective, results and the difference are
starkly visible

CIO Award

Large Enterprise Category
TG Dhandapani
CIO, TVS Motors

The two-wheeler
manufacturer leveraged IT to streamline its business. An efficient dealer
management system monitors retail, sales and stock levels online. Its
manufacturing system has enhanced productivity, transparency and data
accuracy. A product lifecycle management solution has integrated design
and manufacturing to reduce lead-time by six months. Some of its key
projects include an online business model for outsourced manufacturing and
mobile computing.

“Implementation of
IT to the base level was not easy. But we tried to make it so by bringing
in business orientation for every IT project. Said Dhandapani, “About
20% of our total IT spending, which is in the range of Rs 6-8 crore per
annum, is injected on technology for business. But, we have a different
mindset for IT. We dont do IT for the sake of it. If business demands,
we go ahead with the investment. Our target is not budget but
deliverables. IT at TVS is not bound by budgetary control. IT does not
cost, IT pays.”

Attributes of a Leader
Speaking on leadership attributes Sandeep Arora, head of Accenture Delivery
Centers for Technology, India, cited a book titled The Innovators Dilemma.
“We are one of the few companies closest to proving that wrong, and are on
the verge of overcoming that,” he said.

He drew attention to a study conducted some time ago by Nasscom,
which said that India would face a shortage of workers by half a million by
2010. “That is a quantity problem. There is a problem around the middle
layer as we aspire to go up the value chain. India will need leadership not only
at the top but at the middle level as well,” he noted.

CIO Award

Large Enterprise Category
Sanjeev Goel
CIO, Hindalco Industries

A flagship company of the Aditya Birla Group, this
metals company efficiently used IT to achieve its business goals. Some
months back, the company entered into an agreement to acquire the Canadian
company Novelis for $6 bn, making the combined entity the worlds
largest rolled-aluminium producer. With commendable use of analytics,
Hindalco leveraged IT across all of its business processes to garner
measurable benefits. Some projects of excellence were: a robust CRM, which
includes a customer self-service portal and CRM analytics; an advanced
pricing/online credit check implementation; a high availability system
with disaster recovery for zero downtime; and integration of the sales and
distribution systems.

Contenders: Titan
Industries, Larsen & Toubro, Tata Power, Hindalco Industries, TVS
Motor and UTI Bank

Our legacy environment
was disparate, built on a heterogeneous demand-based architecture. This
created a need for establishing a single point of contact. Red Hat
Enterprise Linux has greatly simplified management and given us complete
freedom to scale up

CIO Award

Mid-sized Enterprise

Arup Choudhury
senior GM, IT, Eveready Industries

Eveready is Indias
leading manufacturer of dry cell batteries and flashlights, and the worlds
third largest carbon-zinc battery manufacturer. The company strategically
used IT to enhance the business performance of its stakeholders. It
achieved major business benefits by fine-tuning forecast accuracy and
tracking inventory status using Linux. Some of its projects of merit
include: balanced scorecard to measure organizational and individual
performance, Web-based field reporting tool integrated to mobile devices,
and the unified business systeman integrated e-business solution that
connects manufacturing units, sales offices, warehouse and sales force.

“Using technology to
manage over 15 sales branches and 9 manufacturing plants, plus an
additional mobile distribution operation in rural sectors, is an extremely
formidable task. Our legacy environment was disparate, built on a
heterogeneous demand-based architecture. This created a need for
establishing a single point of contact. Red Hat Enterprise Linux has
greatly simplified management and given us complete freedom to scale up
using low cost commodity hardware, with absolutely no compromise in
performance or reliability. Migration from our legacy environment was
seamless, and all applications have been shifted to Oracle E-business
Suite on Enterprise Linux successfully,” explained Choudhury.

Arora gave an example of the instituteCenter for Creative
Leadership. It listed about a 100 leadership attributes like: managing effective
teams; building relationships; valuing diversity; communications; managing
change; decision making; managing politics; taking risks and innovations;
managing strategy; being adaptable; managing yourself; global perspective;
multiple cultures.

Arora talked about the framework, that he had come to adapt,
which was like the leadership diamond. The diamond has four tips, “One is
visionit is hard to imagine a leader without having the ability to set a
vision, set a direction. You could have a vision, but if you dont have the
vision to execute, then it is not worth a lot. The second tip of the leadership
diamond is the ability to execute. If you dont have the courage to execute,
that doesnt get you very far. The ability to execute can get in the way. As
they say, it is 10% vision and 90% perspiration.”

We are looking into innovative tools to solve our
business issues, and I thank the jury and team at Dataquest and CIOL for
rewarding our hard work

Gold CIO Award
Enterprise Category

OA Balasubramaniam
VP, IT, Roots

Roots is a light
engineering company with varied product services. Its core business is
exporting electric horns to leading automobile manufacturers. The company
achieved high impact for its business operations with key implementations
such as EDI integration with SAP, supplies portal integration, CRM for
dealers and distributors, and MRP and product costing solution. Its robust
metrics system to measure RoI was a clincher. “We are looking into
innovative tools to solve our business issues and I thank the jury and
team at Dataquest and CIOL for rewarding our hard work,” said

CIO Award

Mid-sized Enterprise Category

Falgun Shukla
senior GM, IT, Hikal

Hikal is a leading manufacturer of chemicals. Besides
automating its key processes effectively, the chemical manufacturer
implemented a control system to connect all of its manufacturing units to
a centralized server. Hikal also used wireless/RF-based system for WAN/LAN
connectivity to enable audio and video communication. With offices and
centers in different cities in India, the company also brought about
process efficiency by using four different communication platforms for
cost-effective system configuration and usage of multi-task programming
technique for multi-product manufacturing.

Contenders: Otis
Elevator, Roots Industries, Hikal, JK Paper, Eveready Industries and
Geojit Financial Services

“If you have the vision and you have the ability to
execute, but you dont have the courage to execute, that doesnt get you
very far, either. Thats the third tip of the diamond. It requires having to
deal with ambiguity, having the confidence.

He gave Hitlers example as a leader having the first three
qualities, but missing the fourth. It is said that before he died, Hitler said
he was too kind. “Thats the fourth tiphaving integrity, ethics,
stewardship, developing others, and how to handle power,” Arora added.

Pioneer Award

Individual Category

Suresh A Shanmugam
national head,
Information Systems and Technology, Mahindra & Mahindra
Financial Services

This non-banking finance company, focused on the rural
and semi-urban sector, won the award for having used mobile devices over a
Linux platform to reach remote locations. The company provides finance for
utility vehicles, tractors and cars, and has a large network of branches
spread across the length and breadth of India. To be able to link all these
branches with the head office, the IT department fashioned applications
based on the mobile platform. Mainly used for collection purposes, the
Internet-enabled device enhanced customer service and productivity of field
staff to a great extent.

Contenders: Punjab
National Bank, Torrent Pharmaceuticals, Mahindra & Mahindra Financial
Services, SBI Life Insurance and Fortis Healthcare

Advocate Award

Individual Category

Murali G
senior VP &
head IT, SBI Life Insurance

SBI Life, a JV between State Bank of India and Cardif
SA of France, best showcased advocating the use of IT. SBI Life Insurance
is registered with an authorized capital of Rs 1,000 crore and a paid up
capital of Rs 500 crore. To aid the business, Muralis team set about
bringing in change, namely in areas like scanning proposals, data entry,
online policy issuance and printing. SBI Life also involved delivery
coordination using multi-disciplinary teams and third-party service
providers. With an effective combination of centralized and de-centralized
processing, and the strategic use of an outsourcing partner, the company
made optimum usage of the branch staff, reducing infrastructure and
manpower requirements. “We did not want to re-create the IT solutions
that other insurance companies were already having. That is where we
designed our overall strategy. We took both a reactive as well as
proactive strategy that would fit short-term and long-term at the same
time. Today we are selling insurance policies from SBI branches across
India with a faster market speed. From the seventh largest insurance
player, we have climbed up to the third largest player who is profitable
too. A great portion of this growth came from IT,” said Murali.

Contenders: The
Oriental Insurance, SBI Life Insurance, Punjab National Bank, Philips
Lighting and Development Credit Bank

There are aspects of being a leader that can be taught in a
business school. However, a business school is not going to teach you courage.
The ethics part is perhaps something people can work on over time. Finally,
vision is something like when sometimes you wake up and realize “thats
what I want to do.”

A good leadership diamond would create someone with a visionforward
thinking and creative; executionwell informed, result oriented; attention to
detail; courageability to stand alone; free and responsible; and ethicssomebody
who values people, team player, principled, a good communicator, and a moral

Innovator Award

Individual Category

G Radhakrishna Pillai
CIO, SRL Ranbaxy

The recipient of the Innovator award is a market leader
in the field of lab medicine, corporate health checkup and clinical trials
in India and Southeast Asia. SRL Ranbaxy automated its equipment testing
process by bi-directionally interfacing testing equipment with the
centralized lab information management system (CLIMS) to reduce manual
intervention. This resulted in tremendous improvement in turnaround time,
productivity and accuracy of testing at the pre- and post-analytical

Contenders: Punjab
National Bank, SRL Ranbaxy, SBI Life Insurance and BSES Power

Process CIO Award

Individual Category

PA Kalyanasundar
GM IT & CIO, Bank of

Established at the turn of the twentieth century, Bank of
India (BoI) is Indias leading bank with headquarters in Mumbai. BoI has
about 2,645 branches including 24 branches outside India. It enhanced its
process efficiency by centralizing the core banking activities using the
outsourcing model. The challenges faced by Kalyanasundar were many,
especially how to ensure a smooth transition to a core banking application
from disparate systems without affecting day-to-day functioning. The IT team
lead by Kalyanasundar worked in close tandem with partners for the same, and
achieved the goal of the fastest migration to 1,000 branches, a year before
schedule. Aptly, Kalyanasundar gave credit of the award to his team and
lauded their efforts.

Contenders: Bank
of India, Vardhman Textiles, Geojit Financial Services, Titan Industries and
JK Paper

Manager Award

Individual Category

Sanjeev Kumar Chanana
director & GM, IT, Oriental Insurance

Incorporated in the same year of Indias independence,
The Oriental Insurance Company will is celebrating its sixtieth anniversary.
The company won the award for its evangelistic efforts by extending the
organizations network to agents and brokers to underwrite policies at
their own locations, which earlier had to be done manually. With its head
office in New Delhi, Oriental has 21 regional offices and nearly 900
operating offices in various cities of the country. The intranet-based
system developed by Chananas team allowed agents and brokers to enter
data using customized screens and restricted login accounts. This speeded up
the whole process quite drastically, leading to higher revenues earned.

Contenders: SRL
Ranbaxy, Arvind Mills, Oriental Insurance, Development Credit Bank and SBI
Life Insurance

Accenture was the Presenting sponsor at the EnterpriseConnect
Awards 2007. HP was the Platinum Sponsor, while Seagate and NetCore were the
Associate sponsors.

About the Awards
The CIOL-Dataquest EnterpriseConnect Awards has been a program that has
assisted CIOs from large enterprises with information with regard to
implementation of various technologies in their respective organizations. CIOL
instituted the Awards in association with Dataquest in 2004 to recognize
the pioneering works done by CIOs in large and medium enterprises.

Winners at
EnterpriseConnect Awards 2007




Enterprise Category (>Rs 1000 crore)

Champion CIO

Anantha Sayana

Larson & Toubro

Gold CIO

TG Dhandapani

TVS Motors

Silver CIO

Sanjeev Goel

Hindalco Industries

Enterprise Category (<Rs 1000 crore)

Champion CIO

Arup Choudhury

Eveready Industries

Gold CIO

OA Balasubramaniam

Roots Industries

Silver CIO

Falgun Shukla


Category Awards


Suresh A Shanmugam

Mahindra & Mahindra
Financial Services


G Radhakrishna Pillai

SRL Ranbaxy


Murali G

SBI Life Insurance

Extended Manager

Sanjeev Kumar Chanana

Oriental Insurance


PA Kalyanasundar

Bank of India


The Selection Process

Alok Shende, member of the
jury, enlightened the gathering of some of Indias best CIOs with an
overview of the EnterpriseConnect award selection process. He said that it
was a difficult choice for the jury while deciding the winners.

As about how the CIOL-Dataquest
awards was different and Shende said, "The starting point itself goes
in a very robust fashion, that is, the questionnaires are sent out and
nominations are invited. The questionnaires not only look at what
enterprises do in terms of anecdotes, but also, a lot of quantitative data
is asked for. When the jury is taking a call, they not only look at what
has been done, but also the impact that followed."

The framework followed for
the CIOL-Dataquest EnterpriseConnect Awards questionnaires essentially
comes from business and IT alignments. He said that the questionnaire
looks at both the internal and external impacts of IT. The second aspect
was that it looked at the demand aspect coming in for IT and the supply
that was coming from CIOs. Another aspect was that not only did data come
in raw form, but there was also a process for putting that data in a
logical sequence.

Shende said, "From a
contextual perspective, Ive seen some awards where you go on the
Internet and vote. There is no return in that kind of award as anyone can
go and have as many clicks as possible. It doesnt bring the competitive
aspect, it doesnt bring the leadership part."

According to him, some key
understandings that came out were:

The jury liked
quantifications. As compared to companies of similar size, who probably
did similar work, the jury was able to give a quantitative justification
and quantitative outcome of what the enterprises were able to do.
"For some of the projects that were done, what has been the net
outcome? That was the first thing," he said.

"Another surprising
thing was, when you compare Indian firms, you could see that they are not
behind, when compared to some of the multinational firms. The traditional
ideas are that MNCs are probably better at drawing the IT architecture,
implementing, and drawing benefits. The answer is no. You can clearly see
that Indian firms are really on the ground."

"We saw that many of
the companies who were able to achieve good outcome from the investments
they made, ideally, were the ones who kept business and IT together. They
were able to make the alignment," he elaborated. "These were a
set of people with great vision who went about implementing and making
impact on the business stance."

In the last three years, a total of 400 large enterprises have
participated in the CIOL-Dataquest EnterpriseConnect Awards and sent in their
nominations. Some of the earlier winners include: Tata Motors, Reliance
Industries, CESC, ICICI Bank, North Delhi Power, Reliance Infocomm, Bharti Tele
Ventures, TVS Motor, State Bank of India, Gati, and Fortis Healthcare.

Pradeep Chakraborty

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