The Bhagidari initiative of the Delhi government provided direct interaction with citizens

Delhi is up by close to eight points in its overall score. Primarily,
which are some of the significant initiatives that have helped the state to make
its way to the top?
E-governance is a tool to achieve good governance. Many departments like
education, revenue, trade and taxes, excise, social welfare and transport, etc,
have excelled to provide citizen centric services. Thanks to the communication
infrastructure available in Delhi, due to which the connectivity among various
departments has been achieved very quickly. Today, the information pertaining to
government services is more easily available. It has not happened overnight.
Departments have graduated in having the IT infrastructure and corresponding
databases over a period. The Bhagidari initiative of the Delhi Government
provided direct interaction with citizens to understand the need and preparing
an action plan accordingly.

Rajendra Kumar, secretary,
IT, Delhi government

While the state tops the list in the overall ranking, its e-readiness
score has decreased marginally. Could you throw some light on the possible
There are many services being offered by the government. The citizen opt for
services as per his/her requirements. Services offered by the transport
department have low frequency of uses, like the driving license, once in 10
years. Similarly, most services in power are provided by the transmission
companies and are more frequent.

There is a drop in Delhis score when it comes to enabling ease of
interaction for the small business assistance, land property development and in
citizen services like judiciary and municipal corporation. What measures are
being taking to check the drop? Are there any significant projects that are
going on there?
To provide integrated services at single window, the Delhi Government is
coming up with the Jeevan project to set up 500 and more citizen service centers
where the citizens will be able to avail all government and private services.
The government has opened up many channels to ease transactions with the
citizens. For any grievance the citizen may just dial 155345 or logon to to register the grievance fr redressal.

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