The Best Online Degrees for Breaking into the Tech Industry

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The tech industry is one of the most resilient in the world today and is attracting an increasingly diverse range of talent as the industry extends into more and more areas of life. Over the last three decades, as the home computer market has exploded and the majority of people now carry a portable computer in their pocket in the form of a smartphone, the number of functions served by technology has increased exponentially, and as it has done so it has created demands for new talents and skill sets that previously weren’t utilized. This shift has been reflected in the number of degrees which are of interest to tech firms.

Software Development

Coding is something that anyone with access to the internet can now learn in a reasonably short space of time using sites like Code Academy. However, software development, sometimes known as software engineering, involves much more than just the coding aspect, for example, the design of the user interface, which is an entirely different skill to coding the software. A software development, or software engineering degree, will cover all of these aspects giving the individual the power to produce software single-handed. If you plan on pursuing software development and expanding to a small team or starting a business further down the line, then you will probably want to consider hiring dedicated staff members who specialize in design. However, an online software development degree will provide you with an excellent platform to build on.

Computer Science

For those more interested in hardware than software, computer science is the way to go. The subject offers a strong grounding in the theory and science behind computers and programming. Note that contrary to many peoples’ expectations, computer science courses do not teach or involve any actual programming. Rather, they are concerned with how and why computers work at a physical level. Computer science degrees pair very well with engineering degrees and often both are necessary for those looking for work designing products for a major tech firm.

Masters of Business Administration (MBA)

An online MBA degree will teach you the fundamentals of managing a business. No matter how passionate you are about your preferred field of technology, if you one day plan on operating your own company, you’re going to need a good grounding in business beforehand. Some people prefer to work in the industry for a number of years and gain experience this way, but for those who want to immediately begin working on their own business, an online MBA program is the best first step you can take. Many big names in the tech industry, including the founders of Facebook and Pinterest, were studying business degrees when they had their big breaks.

The tech industry offers fantastic job security and experience and skills, which will open a wide variety of doors for your prospects. Studying for an online degree beforehand will equip you for many of the challenges ahead and put you ahead of the competition when it comes to your resume.

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