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Thanks to eCommerce, you might not have to shop ever again!

By: Bishal Lachhiramka, CEO, Ameyo

There’s this very famous saying which all eCommerce enthusiasts – entrepreneurs, business owners and managers are mostly aware of – “In future if you have to buy bananas, you need not go to the grocery store, you can go to a virtual jungle online and pick them off a tree.” If you can relate with this statement, you know what the future holds!
eCommerce has massively matured in the last decade and is still growing fast. We are living in exciting times. You have to gift someone anything, the first thought that comes to your mind would be to look online. You can choose from over 20,000 functional and trusted websites. You can compare prices, avail discounts, and opt among multiple payment options. The possibilities of making a transaction are abundant, which mostly makes a customer happy. Just like the internet, eCommerce has allowed people to interact and communicate at a global and massive level.

But what makes filling your virtual shopping cart so much fun and easy? Why are more and more people being drawn towards this expanding space? The answer is hidden in the question itself. The fact that shopping online is easier, comfortable and has no time and geographical restrictions, is undoubtedly the biggest positive point for growing eCommerce industry. But there’s more to it. With features that can help you track your order status, delivery details and in-app support, it has taken customer service and support to an all new level. If you are a customer, and facing any issue, you can initiate a chat just by clicking on the ‘chat with us’ option. Your order details and all needed information will be routed directly to the logistics team. Customers have the freedom to shift the communication process from chat to voice, simply by clicking on the call button. Now, with so much ease and comfort, who would want to spend their days standing in queues and looking for the perfect gift, accessory, or anything you wish to buy? Perhaps not many people would be willing to do so.

Not only do eCommerce websites and vendors make shopping hassle-free, they pledge to give you the most competitive prices, 24*7 support with dedicated resources, which can access your order details and keep you updated with tracking URLs. They are like your virtual assistants, with all the needed resources to take personalization and customer support to the next level.

And, what more there is – this industry is not only limited to clothes and merchandise anymore. This industry is continually evolving and expanding. With many websites and companies also offering door-step delivery for grocery and pharmaceutical products, the customer just doesn’t need to shop anymore, just virtual presence is needed!
eCommerce is bridging the gap. The gap which exists between today’s generation’s fast paced life and a battling need to shop – groceries, clothes, gadgets, home decor, gift items, books, home appliances etc. You are just a click away and everything is at your service, with excellent backend support and customer care services.
Happy e-shopping!

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