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Teradata Visualizes the Path to Impactful Business Insights

Whether it’s fraud detection, pre-emptive discovery of manufacturing malfunctions, or delivering a more streamlined customer journey, today’s leading corporations are using their data as a significant strength and market advantage to achieve their business outcomes. Teradata, the data and analytics company, provides the analytic solutions and the industry expertise that can address such critical business problems, stay competitive and grow.

As companies accept that analytics are key to business success, the audience and appetite for such needle-moving insights has dramatically expanded beyond advanced analytics professionals to marketers, business analysts, C-suite and other leadership teams. One of the more creative ways Teradata is facilitating conversation between these disparate groups within the same organization is through art-worthy visualizations that creatively depict insights through the application of multi-genre advanced analytic techniques.

Teradata’s Art of Analytics effort, a program that any Teradata customer can become involved with, transforms analytic findings into enlightening and appealing visuals that showcase causal relationships within the data, making it easier for any interested party to identify patterns that point to actionable solutions to real-world business problems.

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