Technology unites with Maha Kumbh!

DQI Bureau
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Technology also basked in Kumbh's holy aura!


The 55-day festival of biggest religious congregation saw Technology coming at hand.

The mela administration has gone in for Google Map integration of the whole township. According to sources, every inch of space, officials say, has been accounted for.

Also through GPS, the land and other relevant information of the venue has been put up on the website for visitors' ease.Interesting initiative is flying cameras, that have been positioned by the mela administration to click high definition aerial shots of the tents, sadhu camps and the multitude.

NexGTv., mobile TV platform company, went a step further and gave its users an opportunity to watch live and repeat telecasts of all the six baths of the Maha Kumbh on their mobile phones.


Through the channels ETV Uttar Pradesh/Uttarakhand the users will be offered to watch all major six baths live from 6 am till 1 pm and a half-an-hour documentary on Kumbh Amrit Manthan from 8 am to 8:30 am each day.

Also,the Uttar Pradesh government has also spent about 1.17 crore on 13 LED screens. These screens, some fixed and some on moving trucks, relayed events like the bathing and 'aartis' to faithfuls, who could not make it to the Sangam,the venue for Kumbh Mela.

At many 'akhadaas', according to media reports, the holy men and their disciples are carrying latest gadgets like Android mobile phones, tablet note books and broadband connecting dongles for incapturing this hsitoric event of all times for memories.