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How technology is shaping the employee productivity industry

Employers all over the world are looking at opportunities to make their workforce more profitable, productive, and motivated so that their businesses can prosper. We live in such a digital world today, and technology is something that any business can use to flourish. While others may argue that technology may be a distraction for workers, using the right technology in the right places of the business can have many advantages to both the employer and the employee. These advantages could be open to employees at all levels of the organization.

Here are 6 ways how technology is shaping employee productivity

  1. Calls for credible collaboration

Nothing beats a fruitful brainstorming session with your coworkers. Technology allows for the creation of more creative venues for workers to come together and share ideas, develop something different, or work together to solve a problem.

Employees can take advantage of collaboration tools like Zoom, GoogleMeet to hold virtual meetings. Adaption of collaboration technology in your day-to-day operations will help enhance the productivity of your employees and will keep them motivated all the time to delve into their best efforts.

  1. Cut off the manual file sharing

One of the most basic activities that workers do daily is file sharing. It is, however, one of the most popular efficiency killers in the workplace. Even though file-sharing technology such as Dropbox has been available for many years, several businesses are also still not taking advantage of it.

Employees can now easily trace the history of modifications to a record through file-sharing software. Team members will easily determine who made what improvements and, if necessary, offer modifications.

  1. Incorporate Time Tracking tools

Understanding the work clock is important for improving employee morale and efficiency. It’s important to know how much time is spent during the day, what the most profitable work hours are, and how important your employee’s commitment is to the company’s success.

Efficient time tracking tools will help your employees know the task deadlines. Also, the employers will be able to track the time taken to complete a job as well as they will be able to estimate the idle hours.

The incorporation of time tracking and management tools will help manage the tasks done on time. It will also eradicate loafing and will directly impact positively on productivity.

  1. Boost in employee engagement

It has been noticed that many employees feel detached from their job. This is particularly true when employees are left alone in cubicles to complete rote activities. By offering resources that increase teamwork, openness, and versatility – not to mention being fun to use – technology adds flavor to the mundane conventional workplace routines.

  1. Transparency and better communication

No matter what size a business is, no matter what industry niche a business falls under – transparency plays a very vital role. Transparency in an organization ensures that every worker knows about the company goals, knows about their particular role, and knows what they must need to do to meet the set goals. Any member of the workforce will better integrate and collaborate with their peers and leadership, thanks to the technology that spans software, hardware, and mobile devices.

  1. Long term technological plan

Another way to boost competitiveness with innovations is to develop a long-term technological strategy. Some companies refer to it as a blueprint, and others refer to it as an adaptation. The simple benefits of getting a technology succession strategy in place will significantly increase productivity.

Technologies will easily become outdated when technology becomes redundant and software is no longer supported. As a result, having a long-term and short-term strategy for replacing and improving systems is important.

The impact of technology on employee productivity is immense. Technology-driven tools and software make it possible for workers to work remotely as well as in the office. With the support of technology, it is now possible to streamline the work process in a better way thereby maintaining transparency in the organization.

By Deepa Ghosh, CEO EmpMonitor

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  1. Himmat Raj says:

    Perfect tool that helps to digitize processes and workflows. It increases employee’s productivity and engagement, helping with fast building functionality as per requirements.

  2. Sabila says:

    There is no alternative other than to adapt technology to run businesses. Remote employee monitoring is a great tool to monitor remote employees with great efficiency.

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