TechGyan takes the NGO Route to Digital India

The Mumbai-based SI deployed various Microsoft solutions across four NGOs

The Following services were delivered:

  • Getting 20 licenses from Microsoft of the NGO plan
  • Domain verification on the portal
  • Mail migration from POP boxes and Gmail to Office 365
  • Setup look on PCs
  • Setup Mobiles
  • Setup Skype for Business
  • Setup 6 Team sites in SharePoint
  • Setup Shared Calendars
  • Real time co-authoring of documents
  • Setup One Drive for Business
  • Training

All the stated and unstated Pain points were totally addressed with Office 365. And being a Cloud Service, the local management was also minimized. This was important for a Small Organization like Balanand with little Admin bandwidth. Shared Calendars gave a new meaning to Collaboration. The Document co-authoring in Real Time was highly appreciated by Balanced. With documents now in Team Sites and One Drive for Business, a User was productive from any device.

All the 4 NGO’s have expressed their complete satisfaction with the Deployment and Support. The Deployment of all workloads is steadily increasing. When this situation is compared to earlier efforts, the stark difference is apparent. In the earlier model, Microsoft and NASSCOM would donate the Software and hope that the NGOs would use the same. But the deployment in realistic terms was never more than 10%. However this Pilot has conclusively proved that a combination of Software Donation with Deployment hand holding tremendously increases the usability.

The NGOs are doing wonderful work in their domain. With Cloud Services like Office 365, Microsoft and Techgyan along with NASSCOM Foundation can work towards improving the Productivity and Business Processes of the NGOs by 25 to 40%. This in turn will make a huge impact as the NGOs can then touch lives of increased number of people. That will be our contribution to Digital India.

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  1. Sujay Rao Mandavilli

    Let us make it a mass movement to control our population for a sustainable future

    Sujay Rao Mandavilli

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