TechGyan takes the NGO Route to Digital India

The Mumbai-based SI deployed various Microsoft solutions across four NGOs

Habitat For Humanity


Habitat for Humanity is an International NGO involved in delivering Houses for the Poor. Habitat was using Office 365 for basic Email. Consumer Skype was used for Communication. The Head Office used a File Server. So users in Head Office would access the shared files on the File Server. They would store their personal files in the My Documents folder of their PC. At the branch level, users would create their data on their PC.

Pain Points and Deployment Benefits

The rich functionality provided by MS Exchange Online was not used by Customer as he had only implemented a basic Email. Task allocation and monitoring was a major issue. Customer wanted to understand how to share mailboxes between multiple users. Customer also wanted a provision by which he could have copies of emails sent and received by users. Since Document usage and Management was nonexistent, Customer wanted to know how he could streamline documents.

Office 365 Implementation:

o             Setup Shared Mailbox

o             Setup Supervisor Mailbox where a copy of all sent and received mails would go

o             Setup Allow specific Phones

o             Setup Organizational Calendar

o             Setup Skype for Business

o             Setup  Team sites in SharePoint

o             Setup SharePoint Tasks

o             Setup Picture Library in SharePoint

o             Setup One Drive for Business

o             Setup Yammer

o             Training

TechGyan implemented Shared mailbox and Supervisor Mailbox. Also gave Mobile Device Management. Implemented Task Allocation is now in SharePoint. SharePoint Team Sites and One Drive for Business was implemented too.

“We wish to put on record our appreciation to Microsoft and NASSCOM for providing us with Office 365 Cloud Services. And we truly appreciate the role played by TechGyan, who have ensured that we make optimum utilization of this Wonderful Technology Platform,” says Anthony Thomas, Habitat for Humanity India Trust.


Balanandis a licensed NGO registered under Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950, Orphanages and other Charitable Homes (Supervision and Controls) Act, 1960 and Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection) Act, 2000. Set up in 1984 to receive shelter and rehabilitate orphaned, abandoned and destitute minors by way of adoption.


Balanand had a very basic IT Infrastructure with only 10 active users. For Email, they were using a few POP boxes which were configured with the Outlook of the PC’s. So Outlook would download the mails from the POP box. However, post the download, there was no backup of mails. And there was rudimentary Mobile access. Collaboration was via Email attachments. Communication between 2 locations of Balanand was done via phone. Document creation was done on the individual hard disks of the users with no backups.

Pain Points and Deployment Benefits

Email management was nonexistent. A few users had setup personal archive. But there was no check on PST backup and whether it was working. So searching for a particular Email was a task in itself. Cost of Communication was high and inefficient. With no backup Policy, there was a Compliance gap. Due to frequent Email attachments, there were multiple versions of files floating around adding to confusion. As the User data was tied to his PC, in case of a crash, the User had to waste a lot of time.

A 20 user Office 365 was implemented. Every user got a 50 GB mailbox. TechGyan migrated all old mails which were scattered in various PSTs and also Gmail account and centralized them in Office 365. Shared Calendars were setup to improve Collaboration. Next Skype for Business was implemented. This improved the communication between their 2 locations to a great extent. SharePoint was setup with 6 Team Sites and extensive Document Collaboration and co-authoring. All Users were trained on One Drive for Business. So their personal Documents were transferred to One Drive. This ensured that at any given time, their data was in sync with the Cloud since they had the local sync also setup.

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