TechGyan takes the NGO Route to Digital India

The Mumbai-based SI deployed various Microsoft solutions across four NGOs

Pragatee Foundation

Pragatee started operations in 2005 primarily in three verticals, viz., education (It runs 150 Technology Education Centers for under privileged in Maharashtra. One co-ordinator per 10 cente; Medical (Free Medical, Diabetes, Eye Testing Camps); Social (Women’s programs like Beauty Parlor training, Nursing & Medical training).


Pragatee had very basic infrastructure including 20 email IDs being a mix of gmail and pop IDs. The rudimentary IT Infrastructure meant that there was chaos. Official communication was done using Gmail and pop account with no track of who sent what. Tracking of official mails was not possible as the whole effort was arbitrary. Independent centers used email id of center in charge. When this person left, all mails left with him since he used his personal account. Document Management was non-existent. And Communication was using Mobile calls.

Office 365 Implementation and Addressing Pain Points

Before the implementation, the TechGyan Team spent some time to explain to the Customer the many draw backs of their current style of working. It was emphasized to them that they should shift complete Email to Corporate Email system. So as first step TechGyan helped them to get 200 licenses of Office 365. The aim was to give one email to each center. Remaining 50 licenses could then be used by the training staff and Management.

Following services were delivered:

  • Getting 200 licenses from Microsoft
  • Domain verification on the portal
  • Mail migration from Gmail and POP mail to Office 365
  • Setup look on PCs
  • Setup Mobiles
  • Setup Skype for Business
  • Setup 5 Team sites in SharePoint
  • Setup One Drive for Business
  • Training

With Office 365, Pragatee has got a Corporate identity. All the existing users of Email who were using a mix of Gmail and POP mail now are on One Platform .This has hugely improved the Mail tracking. With every center using official mail id, a common sense of identity is established. And if a center coordinator leaves, the mails remain with Pragatee. That is huge.  A slow roll out of SharePoint and One Drive for Business is on. Once complete, all the documents of the Organizations will be at one place. Today these are scattered over 100 systems which is chaotic.

With increased Skype for Business roll out it is expected that it will become one common platform for Communication.

In addition, TechGyan has also delivered additional system including Organizational Calendar and Task Assignment system based in SharePoint. This has have had tremendous Societal Impact.  It runs 150 Technology Education Centers for under privileged in State of Maharashtra. Once the roll out is complete, the courseware design will be done using SharePoint Team site with MS Office co-authoring. More fundamental will be the fact that the Best Teachers will deliver lectures using Skype for Business making fundamental difference in the quality of teaching. And opening a new Education Center would just need provision for a PC and a screen to project the Teacher and Course which will cut down the cost of new center by 40%. So with 40% reduction in cost of new center coupled with a major increase in quality of the teaching due to few good teachers reaching out to more students, this is a potential game changer.

“We have recently implemented Office 365 in our Organization. It’s a fantastic Platform for Productivity covering our complete needs in the area of Email, Collaboration, Document Management , Communication, Video Conferencing and Personal File Storage and Sync. It is very useful to all our employee, management team and volunteers. The best productivity part is SharePoint that makes online collaboration easily with sufficient cloud storage. We would like to express our thanks to Microsoft and NASSCOM for providing us this Service and Thank You TechGyan for ensuring that we use this wonderful service in a Productive manner. Without your hand holding, we would not have been able to use it productively.” Says Rakesh Wani, Administrator, Pragatee Foundation.

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