TechGyan takes the NGO Route to Digital India

The Mumbai-based SI deployed various Microsoft solutions across four NGOs

Deployment and Benefits

TechGyan migrated FPAI’s Email system to Office 365 with minimum disruption. And all users got access to all their mails. The following work loads were implemented:

  • MS Exchange of 600+ users. With this all users got an email
  • MS SharePoint was used for Document Management and Team Sites. Over 13 Team Sites were created for FPAI.
  • One Drive for Business rollout is on. The aim is to ensure that every user makes use of this service and all user created data is done only on One Drive
  • Skype for Business roll out is also on. The aim is to make it de facto mode of communication across 600 users.
  • Yammer roll out has just started. The First off the blocks has been the IT Team.
  • Office 2016 has been setup for many users. This was taken as part of E3 SKU for 35 users.

Accordingly the following services were delivered:

  • Getting 600 licenses from Microsoft of the NGO plan and 35 E3 paid plan
  • Domain verification on the portal
  • Mail migration from MS Exchange 2007 Server to Office 365
  • Setup look on PCs
  • Setup Mobiles
  • Setup Skype for Business
  • Setup 13 Team sites in SharePoint
  • Customized SharePoint branding
  • Design Infopath Forms in SharePoint
  • Setup One Drive for Business
  • Training

On the e-mail front, with 50 GB mailbox per user, the need to locally archive mails was removed. And the new Online Archive feature of Office 365 meant that even the archived mails were online. So now there is no loss of mails. And ZERO mails on hard disk. With Microsoft providing 99.99% Uptime, Email outage is now history. With Emails being delivered as a Cloud Service, the local Mail Server and Mail Software was now redundant. FPAI now has 600+ email id’s. Each person has one id giving strong sense of identity to all. Number of print outs has come down dramatically saving cost and time.

On the communication front, With Skype for Business roll out to all users, the aim is to use it as Communication Platform. When that happens, the current Platform will be discontinued leading to huge savings. Skype for Business integrates very well with other components of Office 365 thus improving Productivity. Now each user has Skype for Business. The communication via Skype is projected to explode reducing overall costs and increasing Productivity.

Ditto on advantages with the Document Management System. Today 13 Team Sites have been deployed on SharePoint .Once fully deployed; users can access it from outside office too. Branch users have been integrated into Team Sites. So there will be one file version for any user. All users are being encouraged to create and store their files in One Drive for Business. So at any time data will always be in sync. Combination of SharePoint Team Sites and One Drive for Business will solve the compliance issue for ever.

In terms of additional functionality benefits, FPAI gets a Customized SharePoint page branding. As soon as anyone logs into SharePoint, instead of a Standard SharePoint screen, they get a FPAI branded page . This increases ownership File access on Phones and Tablets. This is mobility at its best. For data collection from branches, TechGyan has deployed a Infopath form on SharePoint. So users just go to the form and update the same. At the HO, the data from all branches is available in one consolidated view. The same can then be analyzed using Excel.

Asserts Mukesh Surve, Director-IT, “We (FPAIndia) are on O365 platform from more than 6 months. It has gigantically impacted our daily work as capability and potential of this Office 365 cloud is enormous. This has impacted our routine work by contributing 50GB mailbox storage(Mail), 1TB of personal storage (one drive where data can be sync), SharePoint for Collaboration and Document Management, Yammer for organisational private tool for expressing their views and SKYPE for Business for complete communications (which also enabled us to support technically our branches by RDP). This would be unimaginable without commitment from Microsoft and NASSCOM to non-profits like us. Special thanks to TechGyan for providing incredible and patient support which has ensured that we could able extract all features of O365 cloud to our benefit.”

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