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Tech Mahindra, SSH to deploy cutting edge cybersecurity solutions to secure access control for enterprises

Tech Mahindra expands its cybersecurity portfolio to enable customers to secure their digital assets and provide 24x7 global managed services

Tech Mahindra Ltd. announced a strategic partnership with – one of the most trusted brands in cyber security, to deploy cutting edge cybersecurity solutions to secure access control for enterprises.

Through this partnership, Tech Mahindra will bolster its Identity and Access Management portfolio by adding two extensive enterprise solutions – Universal SSH Key Manager (UKM) and Privileged Access Management solution (PrivX). These cutting-edge solutions aim to protect enterprise businesses from unforeseen security breaches arising due to bypass of older solutions in the Privileged Access Management (PAM) space.

Based on this joint unique offering, Tech Mahindra is implementing a cyber security solution for one of the largest European semiconductor chip makers by supplementing and providing an additional layer of security on top of its existing password vaulting system. With UKM, the customer can be assured of security and compliance in a critical part of its operation.

Rajiv Singh, global head of cybersecurity, Tech Mahindra, said, “We are pleased to be partnering with SSH.COM to accomplish our shared vision of assisting our customers with future ready solutions to secure their digital assets and providing them with 24×7 global managed services. The industry-leading solutions by SSH (UKM and PrivX) are a natural fit to Tech Mahindra’s cybersecurity offerings that answer today’s security issues especially across large enterprises for their privileged access management needs.”

The SSH protocol, also known as Secure Shell, refers to a cryptographic network protocol is a method for secure remote login from one computer to another. The global gold standard for secure remote system administration, the SSH protocol is being widely used by data centers and large enterprises to mitigate security risks that could hamper growth as part of their digital transformation journey.

Sami Ahvenniemi, chief customer officer, SSH.COM, said, “We are excited to work with Tech Mahindra to bring UKM and PrivX to an even wider audience. Tech Mahindra’s strong footprint across 90+ countries, coupled with its subject matter expertise in cybersecurity, will provide SSH with a sustainable competitive advantage, thus improving our ability to scale rapidly, help customers prevent cyber-attacks and achieve compliance.”

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