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Tech Mahindra Invites Applications from Freshers for Training Program, Jobs Could be Offered After Completion of Courses

Tech Mahindra has partnered with CareerLabs to transform over 3,000 graduates into skilled professionals through upskilling training program

Tech Mahindra has partnered with EdTech startup CareerLabs to transform over 3,000 graduates into skilled professionals, armed with industry-relevant skills and the technical know-how to succeed in the highly competitive world of technology. Students will undergo intensive upskilling courses on specific skill tracks prescribed by Tech Mahindra, such as Full Stack Development, and find the opportunity to be mentored by renowned industry experts. Upon successful completion of the training, students get an opportunity to be placed at Tech Mahindra in roles across different verticals.

Vaishali Phatak, head – Technical Learning Services & Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion (D&I), Tech Mahindra, said: “With massive digital transformation across all the sectors, there is a huge demand for a highly skilled workforce which is driving the disruption in education and skilling. Nurturing the youth with relevant technical and leadership skills is one of the key focus areas for academia and industry. Through this collaboration with CareerLabs, we aim to empower students with industry-relevant skills and the technical know-how through intensive upskilling courses and adept mentoring. This will help them identify and pursue their career aspirations at a speed of their preference, while also giving them tools to work with renewed passion and succeed in the highly competitive world, in the new normal.”

Who Can Apply for Tech Mahindra Training Program

Tech Mahindra is accepting applications from freshers with a background in computer science, computer engineering, E&TC, electronics, IT, communication, MSc computer science and IT and MCA for projects and roles in Java, Testing, Agile, and DevOps; all greatly in demand in the industry at the moment. Any student who has graduated between 2019 and 2021 is eligible for this program as long as they have obtained a score of 60% or above in their SSC, HSC, bachelor’s degree, and master’s degree, as applicable.

The program is slated to make its debut in the current repertoire of industry-relevant educational offerings provided by CareerLabs. It is meticulously designed not only with the vision of equipping the next generation of tech talent with employability skills relevant to the industry but also to remediate the dearth of job-ready IT professionals in the industry. Over the course of the training program, CareerLabs plans to empower youth with industry-relevant skills to usher in a wave of change in the IT industry through training and recruitment.

As compared to the previous year, 2021 has witnessed a pandemic-driven 200% surge in IT hiring in India. While there are thousands of fresh graduates looking for a job in the tech industry, only a fraction of them are industry-ready. CareerLabs in understanding with Tech Mahindra aims to fill the gap between the ever-growing pool of newly graduated students who aspire to foray into the IT industry, and the growing demand for job-ready professionals who are well acquainted with the erratic industry trends said a press release. PN Santosh, CEO of CareerLabs, says: “Our primary goal at CareerLabs is to make sure that students are equipped to enter the job market when they graduate and to bridge the gap between college education and industry requirements. This MOU with Tech Mahindra will add a new dimension to our mission.” Those who wish to apply for the training program can visit the official website for more information.

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