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Tech Mahindra and DxContinuum collaborates to offer sales solutions

Tech Mahindra Limited, a  provider of IT, Networks & Engineering solutions and Business Process Outsourcing services and DxContinuum,  have collaborated to provide a highly intuitive and usable solution for business-to-business (B2B) sales organizations. The joint offering delivers highly accurate forecasts, dramatically boosts productivity and enables sales teams to get a jump on cross-sell/upsell opportunities on a subscription base.

Debu Chatterjee, CEO, DxContinuum stated “The most successful sales organizations are ruthless about qualifying leads quickly and focusing time and resources on opportunities that are most likely to close. Our solution with Tech Mahindra enables reps to rapidly identify the deals that will enable them to meet and exceed their quotas. By focusing attention on the right opportunities and not wasting time on poorly qualified leads, sales become exponentially more productive and effective.”

The solution, which starts with a service offering called “Funnel Vision”, provides a quick assessment of an organization’s current sales pipeline and leads to an all-inclusive platform for predictive analytics across an organization. The offering includes data assessment, analysis, configuration and delivery of reports and dashboards that helps sales and sales operations leaders get a powerful slice of insight into their pipeline.

Charu Kapur, SVP, Enterprise of Future at Tech Mahindra, commented “This alliance with DxContinuum helps our customers derive value from their existing CRM implementations by providing meaningful predictive pipeline analysis. The solution runs the sales data through their patented, predictive model for a rapid but deep analysis. It drives focus by prioritizing leads and opportunities where the sales team should spend more time to achieve their goals and beyond.”

The solution offering guarantees 85% or higher predictive accuracy for the sales team. In the past, clean data was a prerequisite for meaningful analysis, but this patented model uses innovative methods to account for incomplete data and still deliver highly accurate predictions.

The solution experts of Tech Mahindra and DxContinuum will brief an audience on “Improving deal closures with predictive analytics” and how companies are using predictive analytics to achieve breakthrough results/ insights at San Francisco early next month.

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