Tech to help you jump out in Space?

On Sunday, an Austrian skydiver, Felix Baumgartner, jumped from the stratosphere. He set a world record for the highest jump, at 39km, and the fastest human free-fall, at 1,342km/h. How he managed to give testimony to his craziness, well technology is the answer!

The jump has paved way for the regulation of emergency evacuation space gear which Felix used in the capsule( the one usually being used in air crafts today). This system provides aural and visual warnings for the flight crew and cabin staff permitting to give the flight compartment visual warning by remote control.

With this in place, in the near future, people will be able to board commercial shuttles into space. SpaceX team and NASA has recently collaborated and launched unmanned commercial shuttle in space. The idea is that eventually, shuttles similar to the one launched will be able to bring regular people into space.

‘The Red Bull Stratos jump’ the Felix’s daredevil dive has set an example for space safety gear. It takes us all (civilians, if you can say) one step closer to traveling in space.
Former NASA astronaut Leroy Chiao, speaking on CNN television, said he believed elements of the pressure suit used by Baumgartner would be “incorporated into future pressure suits that are used in spacecraft.”
On positive note after the Felix jump, NASA is eager to improve its blueprints for future spacesuits.
According to media reports,the Massachusetts-made suit that Felix Baumgartner wore on his record-breaking, 24-mile plummet to earth, will probably set new standards for an emerging category of high-altitude protection.
David Clark Co. of Worcester worked for four years to customize the suit for Baumgartner’s jump, a stunning feat that will be studied to determine how US military pilots, astronauts, and even passengers aboard future commercial space flights might be able to survive similarly high falls.

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