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Gujarat Heavy Chemicals (GHCL) leads from the front when it comes to IT best

practices. The company has been focused on deploying cutting-edge technology,

and over the past few years it has created a robust IT infrastructure designed

to support its growing business needs.


A Cut Above the Rest

IT in GHCL is categorized into three basic divisionscore applications,

collaboration applications, and networking and technical infrastructure.

As part of the core application, the company has implemented SAP based on

private cloud model. For textiles it was deployed in 2007, while for the

chemical division GHCL just finished the deployment about a month ago.

As far as collaboration applications are concerned, the company has deployed

CRM application way back in 2005 from Siemens. In 2009, supply chain management

(SCM) system from Ariba was deployed. Both the applications are running on a

public cloud model.


Chandan Sinha, CIO, GHCL

We have implemented SAP based on a private cloud model

The company has its own dedicated data centers for textiles and chemical

divisions that are located at their plants in Gujarat. In 2007, GHCL deployed

its corporate email system based on outsourced hosted model from Sify and SaaS

model. The email system has both Windows as well as web interface to facilitate

anytime anywhere access. "These are the three major applications that enable all

kinds of internal and external communications and collaboration involving

employees, suppliers & distributors and customers. These are the main

applications that support GHCLs key business functionalities," says Chandan

Sinha, CIO, GHCL.

Additionally, the company has its own web applications consisting of GHCL

portal and internal data flow management application. These are primarily

developed and maintained in-house although a partial outsourcing model is there

as well.


Stronger Support System

As part of the supporting infrastructure, GHCL has a robust MPLS network

connectivity across all its major locations as well as direct Internet access (DIA)

connectivity. The entire infrastructure is outsourced, provided and managed by

Reliance. While the core application (SAP) is running on IBM servers based on

Unix platform, rest of the applications are on Windows based Intel platform.

GHCL has outsourced its entire facility management. However, for SAP, it is

following a two tier structure. "At the first level, it is managed by our

internal team and then we have assigned a third party vendor (Zensar). Anything

which is not resolved by the internal team is outsourced. This system ensures a

wholesome solution and helps us to provide uninterrupted services of our

systems," says Sinha.

Since GHCL has two separate data centers for its textile and chemical

businesses, a robust back-up system is essential. The two data centers are

managed by a DR site based out of Ahmedabad. "We have deployed IBMs technology

for our DR site which has a four-layer back-up system," informs Sinha.

The first level of DR consists of physical mapping or duplication which is

happening at the same machine. The second layer consists of a parallel back-up

machine, wherein live data is captured "As a third instance, we maintain back-up

of all our data in tapes, wherein the LTO is connected to the live data

servers," he explains. The final layer of back-up is copied in real-time and

stored at our location servers placed at the DR site.

Piyali Guha